15 Online Freelance Business Ideas

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business but have no desire for funding, inventory, renting office space, or hiring a team, becoming an online freelancer can be a good option. Online freelancing, in particular, can be an easier business to start.

Online freelancing is a Types of Online Businesses Where a freelancer provides a variety of services for companies and individuals. Unlike traditional freelancers, online freelancers mostly operate their businesses online. They find clients using sites like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Freelacer.com. Online freelancers use virtual meeting platforms to meet clients as needed. Starting an Online Freelancing Business Relatively easy for some.

If you want to manage An online business For services that provide, freelancing is the way to go. But what kind of freelancing can you do? In this article, we will list 15 of the most popular and profitable freelancing online.

1. Freelance animator

A freelance animator is a freelancer who creates sketches, artwork and graphics for clients. Animators can also design animation environments, backgrounds and 3D animations. A freelance animator’s target client could be a corporation, agency or even a small business looking to create promotional videos for their YouTube channel.

To become a freelance animator you need to be proficient in computer animation. You may want to get certified before launching this business. Both Adobe and Autodesk offer highly valuable certifications.

2. Freelance Video Editor

A freelance video editing business allows you to edit videos for all types of clients. The rise of YouTube and video marketing has increased the demand for video editors. You don’t need expensive equipment, and you can make do with a powerful laptop that can hold plenty of editing software.

To begin, you need to create a portfolio of your abilities. Video editors can also specialize in a specific niche. For example, editing sports videos. Or, they can cater to a broader category for YouTubers like editing wedding videos, presentations, product videos or even comedy videos.

3. Social media manager

Good social media managers are in high demand. Competition for attention, especially online, continues to increase. Managing social media accounts for businesses, non-profits and public figures is a relatively easy business to start.

A social media manager’s responsibilities include writing and scheduling posts, creating content, answering customer questions, managing ads, and more. Corporate social media managers earn $34,432 to $56,571 annually. As a hired social media manager, you can be more competitive with your prices or charge more if you deliver results. See our post on how Become a social media manager Learn more about starting this type of business.

4. Web designer or web developer

Many new and established businesses need help creating, designing and maintaining their websites. Freelance web developers and designers are often hired to help with these needs.

The difference between web developer and web designer is that web designers are responsible for designing the visual layout of websites. Developers are more on the back end of the website, making sure the code is clean and the site is functional.

There is a lot of competition for web design so you have to choose whether you are going to charge by the hour or by the project. The good news is that you can change your pricing strategy depending on the client.

5. Teacher

Individuals who have teaching skills can choose to do it online only by offering online tutoring as a business. Online tutors help students and professionals learn concepts and topics. Online tutors can help young students with test and college preparation.

However, online tutors can also help professionals. Many careers in the finance, medical, and technology sectors require additional certifications and licenses for a person to advance. Online tutors can help professionals study for licensing exams.

You don’t need a degree in teaching or any other training to become a tutor. However, you need to be very knowledgeable about the area you are tutoring.

6. Virtual Assistant

Freelance virtual assisting is an easy and popular business that almost anyone can start. Virtual assistants perform various tasks for their online clients.

Some of these tasks include sending and responding to emails, conducting research for blog content, posting and editing blog posts, and social media updates. To keep a client happy, freelance virtual assistants should be able to complete tasks quickly and with minimal errors. They should also have good communication skills. With so many VAs out there, clients have so many options. Quality work will prevent you from losing clients.

7. Freelance writer

One of the most popular freelancing businesses is freelance writing. Starting this online freelance business is easy and requires almost no money to start. In addition, you get to have a flexible schedule and exposure to different niches. There are many different types of writing jobs available, from ghostwriting, blogging and web content.

8. Freelance App Developer

Freelance app development is an online business where you can develop apps for small and medium-sized businesses. You can also develop applications for personal use. Developing applications for iOS and Android platforms can be profitable if your app becomes popular enough.

Developers are in great demand and those on the Android platform have one Average salary is $97.6K.

9. Freelance Music Instructor

People are always looking to learn how to use a musical instrument. As a freelance music instructor, you can share your passion for music with students anywhere in the world.

With any virtual meeting software, you can teach one person or even a group. You can choose to charge per hour or per lesson.

10. Freelance Tax Preparation

Many people mistake a freelance tax preparer for an accountant. Although both deal with tax filing, there are some significant differences. While both can file taxes on behalf of a client and represent themselves before the IRS on the client’s behalf, a certified public accountant (CPA) deals with a broader range of financial matters.

A CPA is a licensed professional with advanced education and training in many areas of accounting and business. On the other hand, a licensed tax preparer does not need an advanced degree for basic tax preparation.

Becoming a tax preparer is relatively easy once you acquire knowledge and skills in tax filing. This freelance business is definitely a seasonal one. During tax season, you may have to meet tax agency deadlines and juggle several clients at once.

11. Graphic Designer

In the past, graphic designers were only known for designing logos. However, their role has expanded over the past few years. Many businesses not only need logos and branding, but they also need social media and website graphics.

If you have an artistic eye and can learn to use programs like Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Photoshop, and other software, you can consider starting a freelance graphic design business.

12. Freelance Financial Consultant

You don’t have to be a financial advisor to help people with their personal financial needs. As a freelance online consultant, you will be responsible for assisting clients with budgeting and credit management.

Freelance online consultants meet with their clients weekly or monthly and discuss financial goals. You need to know how to create financial strategies for different types of people at different stages of life.

13. Career coach

As a career coach, you can help people find their perfect job and discover the career that suits them best. Freelance career coaches listen well, understand the job market and understand the HR hiring process. Career coaches typically charge $75-$100 per hour.

14. Freelance game developer

Mobile gaming has matured as an industry. Mobile gamers spend $41 billion in the first half of 2022. Gaming companies will often hire freelance game developers to help complete projects or test software.

A freelance game developer can be a profitable business if the freelancer is knowledgeable and skilled. This online freelancing business can easily earn six figures within a year.

15. Content Editor

Content editors are responsible for reviewing and editing articles, manuals, books, and any other type of written publication. As more web content is published each year, editors are still highly sought after.

But remember that tools like Grammarly, a proofreading software, threaten the content editing profession. However, Grammarly is still not as thorough as a human editor. This means that freelance editors need to be able to do more than just proofread. They must be able to make sentences clearer, understand context, and improve content better than tools like Grammarly.


As you can see, there are many options for those who want to start a freelancing business. Do your research and due diligence Before you start your online business. Once you find the right business, start finding clients who could use your help!

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