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How change happens Seth’s blog

How change happens Seth’s blog

Slowly then simultaneously

For those who are not paying attention or are actively involved, it may seem that cultural change is sudden. One big shift after another.

In fact, cultural change has always been relatively slow. Person by person, conversation by conversation. Expectations are established, roles are defined, systems are created.

From the Foundation

People in the news and on stage get all the attention, but they are a symptom, not usually a cause. Everyday people are not below, they are the origin, the foundation, the source of culture. We are culture, and we change it or change it by it.

Peer to peer

Change occurs horizontally. What do we expect from others? What are we talking about? Whom do we imitate or follow or support? What becomes of the regular type?

People like us do this kind of work.

Day by day, week by week, year after year.

Going to protest day by day, working of relaxation, leaning towards urgency to emergency – this is how those who trade day in our culture are whipped. But those who are constantly and actively changing culture are not easily confused. One more short action, one more conversation, one more value established.

The internet wants us to focus on what happened five minutes ago. Culture understands that what happens in five years is important.

Focused, continuous community action is how systems change. And systems integrate and enforce cultural norms.

If you care, keep talking. Keep acting. Be careful. And don’t be upset.

Changing your search engine Seth’s blog

Changing your search engine Seth’s blog

Choose to upgrade from Google.

There are many good reasons to do this and a few bad ones.

Do it for your skills, for the health of the web and for the planet

First, a quick explanation because it’s confusing to many people: the thing you use to browse the Internet is not a search engine. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari গুলো these are web browsers. A browser is software that lets you visit any web page এবং and these companies often make money by selling your attention to the highest bidding search engine. Takes apples Billions Dollars per year from Google in exchange for taking you to their search engine.

And the reason Google bids so much is that they make an insane amount of money. Billions of dollars a year from serving ads and collecting your data from your search. That money has to come from somewhere.

You can change your search engine with just a few clicks. Watch a short video and find the links here.

Here’s what happens when you switch to Ecosia:

  1. You’ll find faster and less cluttered search results with far fewer ads.
  2. You will diversify the web, so SEO hacks will not be easy to grasp. Adam Savage is rattling about this.
  3. You will give less data about yourself and maintain more privacy.
  4. And! You will plant trees through a certified non-profit B Corporation … over 100,000,000 have been planted so far.

If you do not like the result, you can go back in two minutes.

Faster, free, and more convenient.

If you switch and then you forward it to five more people who switch, we will probably be able to plant another 100,000,000 trees next year. That’s a lot. If you change and spread the word, search results will be better and Google will start to do better knowing that they do not have an exclusive scale.

If you change, we all come forward. Share a question or experience here and I’ll share in a future post. PS I was not asked to post this or be compensated for doing so. I switched 9 months ago and I’m happy.

5 Effective Ways to Practically Develop Your Team

5 Effective Ways to Practically Develop Your Team


Remote work is fast becoming a staple across many businesses. Employees prefer work arrangements over other office setups and many companies realize that virtual offices are just as productive as traditional models. However, while off-site teams can be effective, you need to adapt to the new system, ensuring the environment is conducive to everyone. Creating a supportive team environment is more than just a development Virtual background with logo; It’s about making sure you provide the tools you need for developing teams.

1. Set up weekly meetings

As well as learning How to add a virtual background to the team, You need to manage your team time and set up ways to check progress. One of the best tools for verifying the progress of a manager or team leader is a team meeting. With a virtual environment, you may want to schedule more meetings than usual. For example, it is best to have weekly progress meetings. However, in some cases, you may want to have weekly group meetings with secondary individual meetings throughout the week. Every time you check in with your team, you give them a chance to ask questions.

2. Involve everyone in your team

To meet outside the provision of necessary tools and software Zoom Virtual Background Requirements Or company expectations, a manager or team leader needs to make sure everyone on the team has a voice. The best way to give people a sense of listening is to involve all team members in decisions and projects. Everyone on your team has something to offer, so make sure they know how important and valuable they are to the group’s success.

3. Develop effective communication

Many people do not realize that communication is a skill that can be respected. Employers can fight the I-the-Boss tone, which is not very conducive to the team environment. A good leader knows how to speak, give instructions and listen. Remember that communication involves a sender and a receiver. As a leader, it’s your job to make sure all members of your group understand your message. Therefore, one should give and take in any dialogue with the group. You need to explain what you need from each member and then ask a question. Asking questions gives the team a chance to get clarification. Still, be prepared for some group members to need further clarification outside of group meetings.

4. Show appreciation

A significant aspect of team building is showing gratitude for each member. When you choose employees to show gratitude, it must be for something real. Don’t just praise. Be specific when it comes to thanking people.

5. Practice leadership skills

Your team is not the only thing that requires work and effort. You need time to develop your leadership skills. Most leaders have to work on the job. They just don’t like sitting next to each other.

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Contact a leadership instructor to discuss strategies and techniques.

Amazon Business Model: 4 Ways Amazon Makes Money And How Much Money Does It Make?

Amazon Business Model: 4 Ways Amazon Makes Money And How Much Money Does It Make?

In 1994, a successful hedge fund executive on Wall Street launched Amazon with the goal of delivering books to people around the world. His name is Jeff Bezos, and his company has become an influential force in the era of e-commerce and product development.

While Amazon’s success is now widespread, it has not always been that way. Critics have strongly criticized its legitimacy in the early years of the business, citing its inability to compete with established booksellers like Burns and Noble in the long run.

Although the Nassars criticized the company, Bezos realized the huge potential of Amazon with the advancement of the Internet. Its “Get Big Fast” slogan coincides with its name because Amazon gained 180,000 subscribers in the first year of its operations and 1 million the following year in 1997.

Bezos and his associates took Amazon to unimaginable heights, earning $ 148 million in 1997 and $ 610 million in 1998. With a massive increase in capital, Amazon expands around the world and launches retail, Kindle reading and electronics through massive acquisitions and investments. Let’s take a look at the company Types of business models Amazon follows and breaks their income.

Revenue breakdown

How Much Money Does Amazon Make?

According to the information generated by Statesman, Amazon achieved annual net sales revenue of $ 280.52 billion in 2019 and $ 469.82 billion in 2021. This is a huge increase in annual income, but it is not surprising. Over the past decade, Amazon’s annual revenue has grown by about 25-30% per year.

Based on Amazon’s Q4 FY 2021, revenue has been categorized into different categories. Insider Intelligence, A popular research analytics and marketing firm, has pinned online sales as the number one revenue stream, earning $ 66.08 billion through actual and digital product transactions. Third-party vendor services are second with 30.32 billion and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is third with 17.78 billion. AWS is a public cloud infrastructure spread across 26 regions worldwide, growing by 40% year on year. The remaining revenue streams include advertising services, subscription services and physical stores, generating 9.72 billion, $ 8.12 billion and $ 4.69 billion, respectively.

1. Online retail

4 In FY 2021, online stores generated $ 66.1 billion, or 48% of Amazon’s net sales. Retail can be further divided into two geographical divisions – North America and International. North America generates 60% of Amazon’s net retail sales, while International generates 27%. Nevertheless, it proves that Amazon has maintained a strong presence around the world.

In North America, online retail sales generated $ 92.4 billion in Q4. It is important to note that this segment posted an operating loss of $ 2.9 billion in the year-ago quarter. However, a large portion of Amazon’s revenue compensates for these losses.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon’s success can be attributed directly to its highly developed online infrastructure that makes it easy to deliver applications and products to customers. During its expansion in 2006, Amazon introduced AWS to provide businesses, organizations, and government agencies with solutions to content distribution, hosting applications, and many other challenges.

Of the $ 17.8 billion in net sales from AWS, জন্য 5.3 billion accounted for operating income; In fact, it is responsible for most of the company’s operating income.

3. Third party seller

Amazon Marketplace was launched in 2000. Since then, third-party vendors have become an influential force in Amazon’s revenue. Third party vendors generate revenue using the company’s online services and offset losses from the initial sales stream. Vendors make full use of the Amazon service, which brings products directly to customers through a central source (Amazon).

This segment of Amazon has multiplied in recent years. In 2020, Amazon saw a 50% increase in third-party vendor services compared to 2019, equivalent to about $ 80.5 billion in net sales.

4. Subscription services and physical stores

While the lion’s share of Amazon’s generated revenue comes from the three primary categories, there are a plethora of other services that create revenue streams for the company. In 2021, subscription services and physical stores generated Amazon’s revenue of $ 8.12 billion and $ 4.69 billion, respectively. Made by Amazon Subscription business model One of the most successful in the world.

Subscription services include Amazon Prime, audiobooks, e-books, digital music and more. Prime allows customers to pay an annual fee for free shipping on a variety of products. This enables consumers to get shipments as fast as one day. With over 200 million subscribers worldwide, Prime has undoubtedly added to Amazon’s already diverse revenue streams. Interestingly, Amazon is raising the cost of its prime service from $ 12.99 to $ 14.99 per month to raise workers’ wages and compensate for transportation costs. Its impact on revenue has not yet been determined.

According to Marketplace Pulse, a popular e-commerce intelligence firm, revenue from these services grew 15% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2021. These services expand Amazon’s audience and enable it to provide multiple services and products to customers at the same time.

There is only physical store behind the subscription service. Retail stores include Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, Amazon Books and more. In 2021, net sales from physical retailing were $ 17 billion. In 2018, Amazon has taken a bold step to acquire Whole Foods Market. For reference, Whole Foods Market earned more than 16 billion in 2017 before its acquisition by Amazon.

Impact of COVID-19 on Amazon Revenue

Unfortunately, many businesses have struggled to generate sufficient revenue to maintain healthy profit margins during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. However, Amazon has performed well; In fact, 44% of US Amazon Prime members bought food or drink on Amazon in April 2020. Isolation of consumers has increased the need for food. This trend continues in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Thomas Martin

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I’m watching Seth’s blog

I’m watching Seth’s blog

Ever since there is tax, people are against paying it.

If we define a tax as a “non-productive burden on our operations,” it makes sense. And a payment doesn’t have to be a government to be a tax.

Is paying your electricity bill a tax? Most people don’t mind paying for electricity because it makes their lives safer and happier and helps them work dramatically more productively.

So paying doesn’t tax anything, it’s the non-productive part.

When it comes to industrial systems, they are usually embraced because the transactions they offer are so productive. When Walmart comes to a city, everyone grows short-term, because the cost of buying what we want and what we need is reduced. When a new technology or system offers to save people time and money in the short term, it is often accepted because it is a free choice and productive.

But then the rules began to change.

Exclusive is a tax. They limit the choice and increase the price. As a result, we regularly pay “taxes” on things like broadband and spare parts because there is no alternative.

The loss of a vibrant market is a tax. When local businesses stagnate, jobs are lost, choices are made, and the essence of a community fades.

Lobbying is a tax. Since large industrial companies invest money to seize government control, we each pay for it even though it only benefits lobbyists.

Subsidies and duties are a tax. Last year, Americans spent 50 50 billion subsidizing the beef industry. Restrictions on trade are not called taxes, but they are.

Traffic is a tax. We don’t get back the time we spend waiting for trains or sitting in traffic, and unchanged investments in mass transit infrastructure cost a lot more than we do.

Lack of public health system is a tax. The inability to find clean water, or the possibility of getting sick often is a real value.

And make climate change a looming and hidden tax. The loss of money and productivity that it already costs us, and the extraordinary amount that it will cost us, is a burden to meet our goals and unproductive for our livelihood.

There is no government tax on an abandoned desert island. But it is almost impossible to imagine living or working there.

How small businesses can reduce costs on social media ads

How small businesses can reduce costs on social media ads


Social media platforms enable companies to relay their brand messaging to their targets. Moreover, these channels help entrepreneurs to create awareness and increase their subscriber base. With effective engagement, businesses can build trust with their existing customers and highlight their brand personality.

Social media advertising brings exposure to countless small business products and services, giving a business owner like you a competitive edge. That said, your main priority is to reduce advertising costs as you continue to meet sales targets by tapping into your target clients and connecting with them. Instead, you can allocate your additional financial resources for another process while you map out your preferred online presence.

In this feature, you will learn five surefire strategies to reduce the cost of social media advertising for your small business. Continue reading to learn more.

Woman’s hand using smartphone and technology icon social media. The idea is social networks.

1. Use digital tools

Digital advertising is a valuable organizational resource because it facilitates business expansion and helps you build an online presence. With digital advertising tools, your ideal customers can easily identify your products and services. What’s more, you enable your employees to create targeted marketing campaigns that will help you reduce overall marketing costs.

If you own a startup company, you can use Free Small Business Online Tools So you don’t have to allocate any advertising budget for them. You can use a social media management platform that helps you organize your content calendar. This digital tool lets you publish your marketing campaigns across different platforms to encourage active participation.

Another digital tool will enable you to communicate with your prospects by sending your message directly to their inbox. For example, you can use this tool to remind yourself to follow who you sent a message to the previous week. Also, you can schedule when you want to send your messages, which ensures that you hit their inbox when you need to.

2. Conduct an in-depth market analysis

Before creating ads on social media, you need to understand the preferences of your target audience. Doing so when you gain knowledge about their environment gives you information about the insufficient market demand. With these valuable insights, you can further enhance the existing features of your product and marketing campaign.

Assessing your ideal customer needs begins by asking yourself questions so you can identify market trends and patterns. You must know the answers to the product features that you like the most and what makes your company unique. Once you determine the type of customers that benefit most of your offers, you must consider the population.

You should use your social media analysis as you go through deep market analysis. These tools will help you identify the types of users who are actively interacting with your page and existing campaigns.

3. Analyze your competitors

Another way to reduce the cost of social media advertising is to check into your competition. Doing so enables you to analyze how your competitors are attracting your ideal customers through their campaigns and product features. That way, your biggest competitors need to evaluate the social media pages to see the type of customers involved with their ads.

A social media performance Market competition analysis You need to determine which brands are actively using these platforms You can use search engines to identify the genuine pages of your competition by searching for keywords used by customers. For example, if your company sells chicken, you can use the keyword search term ‘fried chicken’.

Next, you need to look at the type of content your competitors publish and find out the percentage of their promotional posts. After collecting this information, you should compare their social media analysis with your organization. In the end, you know that you need to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign.

4. Reduce the frequency of your ads

Each social media network has approximate frequency of posting which enables entrepreneurs to connect regularly with their followers. However, exceeding this amount may result in your customers being pushed away, which can reduce customer retention. Therefore, extremely high ad frequency can lead to low relevance scores and low promotion values.

Reducing the frequency of social media advertising is a great way to reduce your organizational costs. This technique is less expensive and guarantees you Marketing success Your goal is within the client base. In addition, you should set up an effective campaign plan to ensure low frequency and high reach.

5. Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content published by existing customers of any service. This advertising strategy increases user engagement, which can lead to higher conversion rates. In addition, other users can trust UGC to promote the brand’s advertising and motivate them to make purchasing decisions.

If you continue to develop high-quality products, your clients will be happy to allow your company to share their content. But you must remember to give proper credit or make an agreement with the creator while you are doing it. Above all, trust is how you promote the type of two-way connection that will benefit both the brand and the customer.

Key takeaway

As a startup entrepreneur, you need to find ways to reduce the cost of social media advertising while maintaining the value of your product. That said, you must follow these five strategies to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. As a result, you can establish a Strong relationships with your existing sponsors And inspire them to create UGCs about your brand.

How technical SEO can protect your site from poor rankings

How technical SEO can protect your site from poor rankings


Keywords, content and links are essential components of a solid SEO strategy. These can help your pages rank higher, but the technical elements of SEO are also technical elements. Ignore these, and you’re missing out on rankings. You may even make a technical mistake that hits your page.

Technical SEO includes security, mobile readiness, loading speed, duplicate content, sitemaps, and everything you can do to make your site easier to use and easier to crawl and index on search engines. It works in conjunction with content and linking strategies to increase your page rank.

Technical SEO Basics

Technical SEO is any part of your SEO strategy that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your pages. You may have high-value, shared and relevant content, but if search engines can’t find your site, everything is in vain. You will get little or no organic traffic. The technical aspects need to go hand in hand with a strong content marketing strategy.

Content marketing focuses on developing valuable content using searchable keywords and linking.

A keyword strategy is important for both content and technical elements, such as meta descriptions and title tags. Use Ahrefs Tool Guide: Keyword Explorer for E-Commerce To create a solid keyword strategy that supports good content and technical SEO elements.

Another key to technical SEO that you must have for your best page rank is security. A Secure socket level (SSL) provides protection between a browser and a server. It makes pages secure for users and is an essential technical item for SEO. Google uses SSL as a ranking factor because it enhances the user experience. You can quickly determine if a site uses SSL by looking at the URL. If it starts with “https: //” then it is using SSL.

Mobile-friendly websites are also essential for modern SEO. According to statistics, Mobile accounts for about half of all Internet traffic Globally, this is a trend that is growing year after year. If your site is not ready for mobile, searchers will probably bounce.

Moreover, Google says that a responsive website is a factor in page rank. Responsiveness includes being mobile-ready. In 2018, Google has announced That it will start mobile-first indexing. Previously, it was only used to crawl, index, and rank desktop pages. It now also considers mobile content.

General technical SEO problems

Once the technical SEO basics for your pages are sorted, you can go back to the small details and errors with simple solutions:

Duplicate content

Repeated content on multiple pages is not only confusing and frustrating for users, it is also a technical issue. This reduces the overall authority of your website, leaving bots crawling and indexing.

If you have a lot of duplicate content on multiple pages, it can be difficult for Google to determine which page is most relevant. This allows your pages to compete against each other instead of working together for higher rankings.

Title tag problem

A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) as a clickable title for a given result; And it’s important for usability, SEO, and social sharing.

Tag issues prevent users and confuse search engines trying to crawl and index a page. Avoid duplicate tags, title tags on your website and avoid too short or too long tags. Each should also be unique for the same pages between 50 and 60 characters and should include page keywords or variations.

Canonical tag problem

A canonical tag is an HTML element that tells search engines which part of the content is original. If your website has multiple versions of the same content, it can be difficult for Google to determine which one is genuine This can make your pages compete against each other instead of working together for higher rankings.

When you use the robots.txt file on your website, you are telling search engine crawlers which pages they can access and which they cannot. This is important because your website may contain pages that you do not want to index, such as duplicate content or personal pages. The robots.txt file is placed in the root directory of your website and must be properly formatted for it to work properly.

Integrate content and technical SEO

If you don’t have a technical background, it’s easy to overlook these technical aspects of SEO and focus on more visible, “front-end” elements, such as content and keywords. However, if you want your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to make sure that all the SEO technical elements work together properly. Consider the technical side of SEO as the foundation of your website and make sure it is strong before you start building on it.

How to keep remote employees happy

How to keep remote employees happy


Background scene of a female employee talking on a video call with various multinational colleagues at an online briefing, a female employee holding a webcam group conference with colleagues on a modern laptop at home

Due to the epidemic, many companies around the world have relocated their work environments. And with the positive results, many offices are considering moving to this style permanently. However, while many employees are happy and pleased with this decision, company owners and top managers should not be humble and off-guard about the welfare and happiness of their employees.

While most of your office probably prefers to work from home, some are also interested in face-to-face interactions, and some may miss the bonding moments of being in the office. Fortunately, you can continue to nurture business relationships and ensure that all employees are happy with the different tools and strategies.

Here are some practical ways to keep your remote employees happy and productive:

1. Clear communication

Communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. Due to the distance from each other, communication is even more important for all remote staff. Fortunately, many helpful technology tools facilitate effective communication with your colleagues. In addition to email, you can make video calls, chat or send them a text message. Many office software and tools facilitate effective communication for all internal members.

The ability to communicate better can increase productivity, which employees can hold. When all members of your team can effectively communicate and express their concerns and thoughts, they are satisfied and happy with their work. Therefore, it makes it possible for everyone to schedule team meetings and communicate with each other as freely as possible.

2. Host a fun event

Virtual groups often communicate through web conferencing platforms. But a special way to make things more fun and exciting is to take some time off from work and do some ice breaking sessions. One way to keep your team constantly engaged and happy is to set up Fun virtual event for work That arouses their interest.

Before, during or after work, you can arrange special virtual events that encourage everyone to have some fun, relax and interact with each other. This can be through some comedy sessions, watching movies together, playing online games or any activity for breaking ice. These events will probably lift the spirits of your employees who are frustrated or stressed due to work lately. You can keep your staff engaged and excited about working with you by organizing team outings.

3. Hire all members

Another effective strategy to increase motivation and improve employee satisfaction is to keep everyone employed. Let them feel that they are an integral and important part of the team. You should value their opinions and thoughts and welcome their suggestions. Let them participate in any meeting or work event.

When publishing company information and updates, make sure everyone accepts them. It will make them feel employed and part of the bigger picture. If they feel part of the team, they will be happy with their job.

4. Use effective remote work tools

Keeping old technology can be a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, as a company for the welfare of employees, it is best to keep up with the latest technology updates. By embracing innovation, your brand and staff will probably follow suit. Thanks to helpful technology tools and software, your employees can increase productivity, reduce stress and manual tasks, and be satisfied with their work. After all, a Virtual office is useful For your business, it makes sense to invest only in the right online tools.

Find out which collaborative online tools are most helpful for your team members and invest in them Technology-based cloud-based tools can help employees automate at least some of their weekly assignments to meet the needs of the workplace. When they have fewer items on their plate, they can improve their productivity and time management skills.

5. Emphasize work-life balance

Despite working from a distance, some employees have been seen working longer hours in the office than they are. As their manager, you need to monitor such situations and ensure that they have an excellent work-life balance. It is wise to keep track of the vacations and time vacations your employees take. Encourage them to use off and strike a good balance between their personal and professional lives.

6. Make your employees feel appreciated

It’s important to show gratitude to your employees, even when they’re away. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. For example, you can send a congratulatory virtual card or email. Or you can insert a short compliment in the weekly company announcements. You can compliment them directly during virtual meetings. Expressing gratitude for their hard work and effort should be a common practice in your office culture.


It is common for companies to prioritize the happiness and well-being of their employees. After all, People are what matters most Business. With the effective tips mentioned above, rest assured that your employees can be happy and continue working in your company for a long time.

The smallest effective listener Seth’s blog

The smallest effective listener Seth’s blog

It is a stepping-stone, not a compromise.

The media and our culture force us all to create something, close the edges and scale the infrastructure.

But it turns out that quality, magic and satisfaction can lie on the other side. Not that we can’t grow up, but we want to be better.

One of the three best restaurants in New York has only 14 seats With the right fan base and technology, enough to allow the chef to create an experience that he can be proud of. A fabulous cafe down the street offering a small portion of the rent in a Midtown neighborhood. It’s not about everyone finding out. Focus on experience creates something that (some) people want to see.

Elliott Paper has written a book that his fans can’t get enough of. And the long tail of online book sales allows him to do so without a movie contract or to fancy a fancy publisher.

Junior is able to run a successful equipment repair business without a fancy truck or office, only gaining reputation in a very specific lane on a very specific website.

Focusing on SVA can enable a business to scale. PSAudio doesn’t reach many people … but the focus of the team is precise and deep enough that they have built one of the largest and most successful operations in their industry.

Or chocolate or software or baked goods or.

The smallest effective listener strategy doesn’t let you hook off – it does the opposite. You can’t say, “Well, we’ll just wait for the next random person to find us.” Instead, you have to choose your customers – who it is for and what it is for. And when you identify them, the opportunity / necessity is to create so much joy and connection that they choose to spread the word to like-minded peers.

Not everyone, but none. And it turns out that ‘someone’ is not as simple as it sounds. When you remove the alternative mantra of “you can choose who you are, and who we are”, you have to lean towards the obligation to be the kind of supplier that people will miss when you leave. It’s not easy, but people with this kind of focus will find it no other way.

Specification is the way. It has absolutely nothing to do with the absolute scale and everything it takes to be really clear about which hook you want to be and set a standard for the work that people engage and change.

What could be better?

Everything you need to know about tax relief: tax deduction and tax credit

Everything you need to know about tax relief: tax deduction and tax credit

It is the knowledge of the people that taxes generally boost the economy of the country. In the last few years, however, a new term has emerged regarding taxes; Money and how it works are still unknown to many – tax relief. Tax relief refers to a government initiative or policy that helps individuals and companies reduce their tax or tax-related obligations.

So, it can help you save for a goal or leisure and it can also help you reduce your tax burden. You’ve probably heard a lot about how certain tax laws can benefit you and your family – and how much it can cost you. Both are true. But the question is: What do you need to know about tax relief?

This article covers some basic things you need to know about tax relief; Specifically, it focuses on two forms of tax relief: tax deduction and tax credit. If you know how to implement them properly, both forms can help you save a good amount of money.

What is tax deduction?

A tax deduction is a process by which a year’s taxable income is reduced, which reduces your tax bill. Here you can find Best Tax Preparation Software 2022.

Reasons for tax deduction

Large family

Generally, if you have a large family, you can get tax relief in most countries. For example, if the family has more than 4 children, it is already considered large, so the chances of getting a tax deduction are higher.


Again, depending on the country, working mothers and children under the age of three are likely to receive tax breaks.


If the person feels some disability, the level of which is more than 30%, the government can also give tax exemption for these people. Of course, their disability should be provided by the correct document signed by the doctor.

Eco-friendly project

In some countries, such as Spain, the government may reward organizations that aim to do better for the environment in which we live. In some cases, this reward may be in the form of a tax deduction

Technological progress project

As in previous events, some countries, most of which are located in the Caucasus, support these IT companies with their tax-deductible rewards, believing that these companies can actually make a lot of progress in the country.

Self-employed people

With the outbreak of COVID19, the virus has already receded but many people have started working from home. This is why many governments around the world are cutting their taxes.

What is a tax credit?

Tax credit is the second form of tax relief. Compared to tax deduction, tax credit reduces the amount of tax per person, but not taxable income. The tax credit consists of three basic types: refundable, non-refundable, and partially refundable.

Tax credit type


Refundable tax credits are most convenient because they are paid in full. This means that a taxpayer is entitled to the full amount of credit regardless of income or tax.


The non-refundable tax credit is only applicable for the reporting year, expires after filing the return and cannot be borne in subsequent years. As a result, non-refundable tax credits can have a detrimental effect on low-income taxpayers because they often cannot afford the full amount of credit.

Partially refundable

As we can add in front of the previous two types, this type is about tax credit which is only partially refundable.

In conclusion, the importance of having some basic knowledge about tax relief and their forms, tax deductions, and tax credits is essential as they make up a very large part of our lives. This article summarizes some of the key facts you need to know about tax relief, including its definition, two forms – tax credit and tax deduction. In addition, we talked about the reasons why an individual / organization can get a rebate and the three main types of tax credits – refundable, non-refundable and partially refundable. Of the types mentioned, the refund is the most beneficial.

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