5 Characteristics of a Fixed Mindset

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m not a fast runner” or “History is not a subject I’m good at”? You may think of these thoughts as simply learned behavior about yourself from past experiences, but if it’s something you tell yourself over and over again, and by doing it you convince yourself not to try and be better than you are, then you’re in a fixed mindset. may be stuck.

It is a well known fact that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses but there are There are some habits that can make you struggle more in business The world is full of unknowns and daily obstacles. Have a growth mindset Something that will not only help you move forward in business, but it can also help you move forward in your life. However, a fixed mindset will likely make it harder to reach your goals Here are five signs you have a fixed mindset.

1. You avoid challenges.

People with a fixed mindset cling to the safety net of what they know for fear of failure (or even appearing to fail). Some feel that challenges can bring conflict and that is something that will make them more uncomfortable than failing.

When your mindset is fixated on only looking at a certain point on the road, challenge your brain to look past what seems daunting. Many don’t even bother to try. Adversity fuels the fire when you live with a fixed mindset.

2. You don’t try to improve your talent

While a growth mindset involves constantly improving your skills and learning new ways of doing things, a person with a fixed mindset believes that what they know is set and they are unable to improve. They have created a belief about themselves that only bad things can come from pushing past what you already know.

They feel safe where they are and seek to improve or learn as a threat to their own existence. They find that they can be successful up to a certain point, but they refuse to go beyond that point. They are more focused on proving that they are a certain way because that’s just the way they are rather than trying to improve or learn.

3. You see obstacles as reasons to quit

There will be many hurdles and setbacks in business. If someone has a fixed mindset, they will see obstacles as a reason to give up instead of learning and inventing new strategies to learn from these experiences. Maybe they have experienced failure in the past after reaching a setback, so now they believe that this will happen every time they are in a similar situation. They may think it’s easier to quit than to struggle. Quitting seems like a safer option than trying and possibly failing down the line.

4. You compare yourself to others

People with fixed mindsets see the world through a lens of scarcity. They look around and see others succeeding and, instead of being happy with their success, they see it as one more reason they will fail. They do not see that two people can be successful in the same area.

It makes them constantly look around and notice others doing well and then dissects all their insecurities and flaws. If you find yourself surrounded by a group that is doing well and your inner thoughts automatically start firing off that you would never add, this is a sure sign of a fixed mindset.

5. You don’t take criticism well

Because people with a fixed mindset have already convinced themselves that they can only go so far or be so smart about something, people with a fixed mindset don’t take well to anyone who criticizes them. This is because they don’t want to improve or take part in challenges because they fear any negative repercussions for failing.

In a fixed mindset, they feel they know what people are going to say before they try. Because they don’t understand how people work without a fixed mindset, they think others will only see their flaws.


Living with a fixed mindset really limits your perspective and can cut your dreams short before you even give them a chance. The good news is that even if you think you check some of these boxes, you don’t have to stay in that rut. Instead, look the paths You can practice a growth mindset. Take baby steps. Start with one positive affirmation at a time. Remind yourself that you can do it. As all negative thoughts are compounded over time, so can positive ones. But you have to be willing to work to change your mindset.

Start by taking on a new, small project at work, take an online course in something you enjoy, make a pact with yourself that you can’t quit or have consequences, work to encourage others and you can see. all Be successful, and learn to take feedback as something positive rather than criticism.

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