6 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Single Person

Freedom is a beautiful and powerful thing. You have absolute control, there is no one to hold you back from following your passion in life. In the business world, there is a path to this freedom; The one that many people choose to follow. Solopreneurship is an ever-growing phenomenon that embodies independence as well as strength and individuality in the business market.

Many individuals choose to be Solopreneurs for various reasons. Some want the ability to control all aspects of their business without the hassle of managing others. Others may want to hold themselves accountable, and not put the responsibility on the shoulders of those who can’t get the job done. Finally, some people just want to be themselves without worrying about keeping other people in their company happy.

However, not all aspects of loneliness are easy. There are many here Advantages and disadvantages of being a loner. With this freedom comes an awful feeling of being alone. As one yourself, or as someone who wants to take the solo route, you may find yourself wondering how you can connect with other people while not completely losing your motivation on your own.

Here are some uplifting tips on how you can stay motivated on this solo journey and not feel overwhelmed by running your own business.

1. Working in a coworking space

Rent an office outside your house Or sharing a space with another business can not only get you into work mode, but also entice you to focus. It can help rekindle your ambitions by surrounding yourself with like-minded people or by staying in a space specifically designed for work. Some people choose to rent from family or businesses that have extra space that can be used as an office. This reduces the chances of getting distracted by your daily routine at home.

It’s also good to get out around other people. You feel rejuvenated by working around other business leaders, without feeling completely alone or closed off from the world. Separating yourself from everyday home life can be helpful for staying on task and focusing as well.

2. Join or create a peer or 411 networking group

Just like having an office outside the home, creating a networking group, or joining an existing one, helps solopreneurs get out of the home (or office) and connect with the public. This is a great time to network with other businesses while gaining support and publicity for your company.

Besides just building a strong network, you can also hear the success stories of other entrepreneurs or business leaders. It can rejuvenate you for your work and don’t let your passion or motivation be hindered by feelings of isolation or loneliness.

3. Set a clear schedule

When a person is lonely, they often make their own work hours. One of the biggest hurdles many business leaders face is managing their day-to-day operations and the tasks at hand. One reason why they lose motivation is because they haven’t structured their day effectively. Treat your office and work day like you have an office job where you clock in and out. Make it a goal to complete several tasks throughout the day and don’t leave until you complete them.

A structured day should include breaks, lunch and time for yourself. Use your time wisely, and don’t get distracted by tasks that can easily wait until later.

4. Take a vacation

THe is essential to everyone, and not just to those who work alone. A vacation does not have to be extravagant, or expensive. It’s refreshing for you, and a nice getaway for anyone Think that their brain is always working.

As a loner, you probably feel the need to work all the time because the success of the company rests entirely on your shoulders. That foreboding sense of responsibility can be overwhelming and can easily put your mind in a bad place. This can be unmotivating and not good for anyone, especially your business and its future.

All you can do is take some time off and step away from your job. Going on vacation can be a time to center your mind and get yourself back on track. Clearing your head can help generate new ideas and boost the energy you need to tackle your business head on.

It can help reconnect you and your loved ones, who may feel on the backburner at times. the life A balancing act, and those who run their own businesses especially know this to be true. It may take a vacation to find your balance to rekindle your motivation and drive.

5. Surround yourself with a strong support system and cheerleaders

As a show man (or woman), you must be someone who pushes yourself to get things done. Since you don’t have a team of employees to get you through a rough patch, having a strong support system outside of work can be helpful in keeping you motivated. In that case, being the only person who makes a company successful can be an exhausting experience. Your motivation and passion to keep your business alive and productive can start to leave, especially if you’re the one cheering yourself on.

Be sure to surround yourself with people who have your back and believe in you. It could be fellow entrepreneurs, friends or family you want to lean on. if you Starting to feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you trust and get an outsider’s perspective. Sometimes hearing someone else’s perspective can be refreshing and the extra boost you need to keep going.

6. Use motivational media in your work

One of the benefits of working solo is the ability to work in solitude. This can be an advantage if you are working on tasks that allow background music or media to be played. Many people choose to play music while working. However, other options can help keep you motivated throughout the day.

An alternative is to listen to podcasts or video interviews of successful people in your field. If you’re a freelance photographer, find a podcast that interviews successful freelancers. It will help keep you motivated knowing that there are others where you are.

If listening to conversations is a distraction for you, you can also choose to create a workday music playlist. This playlist should be like a workout playlist so it will motivate you to work out. Some people need to listen to hip-hop, while others can be productive with smooth jazz. Anything that makes you feel energized should be included in your playlist.


Hopefully, these tips will help you stay focused and motivated on your solo travels. Whatever obstacles come your way, don’t be discouraged by them. There is always a way to keep your motivation going and not lose sight of your business dreams and passion. All you have to do is believe in yourself, work hard, and the rest will fall into place.

Good luck – I’ll be rooting for you!

This article was originally published in May 2018 but has been updated and expanded

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