8 Tools for Social Media Managers to Use

Being a social media manager is a fast-paced, dynamic and exciting role. With social media being an important aspect of modern communication, businesses and organizations are looking for individuals who can help them navigate this changing landscape.

Social media management covers the process of managing one’s online presence. This is done by strategically analyzing visitors, creating and timing content for their profiles. A social media manager also monitors performance and collaborates with social media influencers to create opportunities to grow followers and increase revenue using marketing strategies.

if you Start your social media management business, Or just thinking about it, you’ll need some tools to help you succeed We’ve listed some tools you can consider using to balance your workload.

Scheduling and Management


buffer A social media management app with 4.5 million users worldwide. Using this app, you can create and schedule content on your smartphone or your computer. There are free features like basic post scheduling. But for a reasonable price they also offer paid services to gain additional traction.

Buffer keeps track of the most active times for social media and uses that data to create a select few default time slots When creating your post, you can select a time slot to publish it when most people are already online It’s an easy way to optimize visibility for your brand without doing all the legwork yourself.


after Another social media management app that excels at working with TikTok and Instagram. Two very popular social media platforms that are growing rapidly. This tool offers a variety of features at no cost, making it extremely popular among small business owners on a budget.

Next, you can schedule apps more than a month in advance, meaning you can plan and strategize more effectively. They also offer an email newsletter that can provide you with tips and tricks for the future.

Zoho is social

Although it only provides paid services, Johor The price is surprisingly affordable for the quality of information and features you get. For $10/month (annual bill) you get access to nine social media channels. Also, a team member is readily available for assistance when needed. You get a publication calendar, summary reports, an image editor and more

If you’re looking for the complete package for social media marketing, Zoho is the perfect fit. You can manage every aspect of your social media content from a single app, reducing clutter on your device and streamlining the online marketing process.


Among the most popular social media management apps Hootsuite. Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial on their website to sign up They also offer free classes you can attend to learn how to make the most of the platform. Hootsuite lets you easily create and schedule content.

While it’s a bit more expensive, starting at $49/month, the results have proven effective in the past for small businesses, even those just starting out.

Sprout is social

Sprout is social Not only marketing for small businesses, but also experts in building relationships between businesses and clients online. Instead of just creating content, Sprout Social helps you bring personality to your social media accounts and offers features that bring clients to you instead of the other way around.

Some of the features they offer include a social inbox where subscribers can reach you directly, group posts, paid promotion tools, and a post calendar. The standard plan is currently $99/month, but they also offer a 30-day free trial.


For businesses looking to create more dynamic, unique content, Octopust Best option without a doubt. One of the great things about this app is that it was actually developed by business owners as a B2B-specific app. Oktopost lets you create engaging content like videos, podcasts, ad campaigns, post analytics, and more.

Many customers who have used Octopost have given up Positive review about their experiences. Most of which highlights how user-friendly and easy to navigate the interface is.

Reporting and Analysis


Iconosquare Specializing in a specific social media platform – Instagram. For business models that rely heavily on photos and visual content, IconoSquare is ideal. Iconosquare uses many graphs and charts that relay data. So, if you are comfortable using more technical analysis, the app may be easier to use. They also offer a 14-day free trial, so you can test it out to see if it’s right for you.

Socialbaker (now Amplify)

improve, formerly known as Socialbakers, is a public social media analytics app. Not only can you create and schedule posts with this app, but you can also see how successful each post is online. Amplify offers some unique features like social media customer care, direct inbox, AI chat bot, email automation and more.

Amplify focuses on building a professional social media presence where customers can easily interact with your brand and introduce themselves. And, they don’t think they’re watching an ad. They also offer advice as well as an email newsletter with live webinars and tutorial clips to help users get started.

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