Because the search seems to be getting worse

Even with the powerful Ecosia engine, but especially with Google and Amazon, it is becoming rarer and rarer that a search seems to find the right site or product or information on the first try. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Our expectations are high. Even a good quest doesn’t feel like it used to. Surprise us a few times and we get hooked on being surprised. It’s hard to top the phenomenal results we’ve become accustomed to. In the last two years, I’ve done 10,000+ searches on Ecosia, so it’s easy to get bored.
  2. Search engines are selling us. They discovered that selling ads to losing entities on a given search is quite profitable, so the non-organic results that are crowding our searches are definitely not as good as what we get for ‘free’.
  3. Product manufacturers and site builders are getting better at gaming the search engines. Amazon doesn’t just have fake books pretending to be what you’re after, but entire product lines and industries built around winning search as their core competency. You’ll see this in any media ecosystem where search is profitable. Organizations built on more, want more.
  4. Lack of competition. Once a large organization wins at something, they shift their focus and work on profiting from it, not improving it. Instead of fighting #3 and moving away from #2, search leaders are becoming complacent.

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