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If you are a business person who wants to take an entrepreneurial class at Grove City College, the class that should be at the top of your list is content marketing. No matter what class you need to take or meet, content marketing is useful for all aspiring business people and women as well as marketers alike.

“We have to stop interfering with what people are interested in and what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

The quote above includes what it is about content marketing. It’s about creating content that appeals to people and attracts them Professor Sweet has defined the concept A marketing strategy to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, achieve and engage the audience with a clearly defined and understandable goal. All this is done with the objective of driving profitable customer action. It’s really customer driven marketing, because the content has been customized for them!

Professor Suite has taught us the importance of defining columns which will also guide your content. Creating content blindly will often not lead your target customer to take any profitable steps, such as buying something or signing up for something, and sometimes your goal will not reach the customer even if it is not specified. Find out what your client’s pain is and what questions they’re asking, then build content around those pillars.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Take This Entrepreneurial Class And Why Everyone Should Use Content Marketing Because It’s The Cheapest Way To Get Your Word Out! Anyone can nowadays be the publisher of content on social media, or a website, or a podcast on Spotify, or a video on YouTube. The best marketing around content.

The Entrepreneurship Department at Grove City College has always had a great relationship with developing hard skills to get you into the workforce. I know that when I was in college I was looking for an internship, and now a job, I have always done everything to gain experience and preparation for the roles I have filled. Entrepreneurial classes at Grove City College work to give you a handful of experiences that make you competitive when applying.

In content marketing, one of the platforms that we have learned a lot about is WordPress. WordPress is a weapon that any good content creator, website designer or general old marketer should have in their archive. For our final project we created a beautiful and functional website of our choice that would be a home for blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos that we created in this entrepreneurial class.

To play with all the functions of our platform, we were given time to learn how to install plugins and use a theme, and Professor Suite took time to answer our questions during the class. It was a very independent one, but it did create an environment to further develop those skills! The Entrepreneurship Department at Grove City College makes that effort with every entrepreneurial class to give students an extra edge.

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