Coyote’s pain Seth’s blog

It is one of the best metaphors for life, marketing, achievement, community and all possibilities of TV cartooning.

Coyote is always looking for a quick win. Because he doesn’t stick to a plan made over time, all his foreign stunts add nothing but frustration.

Coyote is obsessed with profiteering at the expense of his enemy. As a result, he is either defeated or short-lived and ultimately has zero victory.

Coyote is obviously immortal, but he’s always in pain. Either the pain of hitting a wall at 100 miles per hour, or the pain of knowing that another short-term plan didn’t work out.

Coyote challenges the laws of physics in the belief that he, and he alone, is entitled to his own laws.

Coyote is happy to spend money on ridiculous devices that promise him nothing, but instead of investing, he pursues strategy.

Coyote chooses the wrong goal. While it is clear that he will not succeed, he does not change, instead being obsessed with the cost of drowning.

And although he has repeatedly felt the frustration of short-term selfish shortcuts, he never hesitates to consider what would happen if he created something valuable instead.

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