DIY way to connect with video with little or no budget

To engage with the audience, digital media and video storytelling skills are required. Sharing your story and engaging with your target audience is essential. Successful companies are in a position to reach out to their potential customers through video. If you want to make a significant impact, you need to understand why video marketing is important to your organization. You know how Make and record good videos And how customers will connect with them on different platforms. Videos share your brand and let the public know what you do You will be educated and connected to your community through your stories, increasing customer loyalty.

Creating videos without expensive camera setups, software packages, and a digital marketing company can seem daunting. But you can do it. Here are some great ways to connect with your audience through video and digital media with little or no budget.

Items you need to get started

To get started you need a few items, all of which can be purchased online.

SmartphoneThis will be your biggest expense if you don’t already own one. If you do not have a smartphone, you can use a camera or a mountable video camera installed on your computer, which usually sells for less than 100.

Ring lightsIf you do not have natural light when shooting all your videos, there are several options online for better lighting. A round ring light can be purchased for less than $ 15.

Bluetooth shutter controlThis device allows you to remotely control the photo and video functions of your smartphone. Shutter control is available online for less than 20.

TripodYou need a tripod to keep the camera still during filming. You can buy a tripod for less than 30.

Free tools available to everyone

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

This innovative software is free, and differs from some video platform software in that it contains free searchable stock photos and music that can be combined into videos that can be shared. Use stock photos to your financial advantage when creating videos for your website, email campaigns, Etsy store and other digital marketing.

Expert advice:

Use free content pictures and music. It is distinguished by genres and influences. The templates in the video software are designed to help you reach your goals. For example, your goal is to raise funds and awareness for your nonprofit; There is a section for this. You can download it to your desktop or phone and upload your finished project to any social media platform, email or website. It’s that easy!


From creating social media to website templates and video overlays, this app has a lot of free resources for all of us DIY’er. It’s easy to use on a smartphone or computer, free and downloadable. With Canvas, you can create thumbnails for your YouTube video content, add text and images to your videos, allowing you to create incredible amounts of digital marketing content.

Expert advice:

The free version has a lot of content. However, an additional free add-on app is available for creating Instagram stories and videos.

Tick ​​tock

I recommend using TickTock, one of the largest streaming and video platforms. The popularity of TikTok’s video platform is why Instagram and Facebook have added Reels and Facebook Live to their platform. It has free music integration, effects and can be shared on almost all social media platforms worldwide.

Expert advice:

Upload or start your video and watch the process and when it reaches the final screen, click the hashtag area. Tiktok will automatically show you the best hashtags to increase engagement that day.


Instagram Reel: Instagram is expanding its game with reels to compete with tick. Recently, a new option has been created for brand sharing with creators.

Expert advice:

You can access more video functions and expand your toolbox by signing up for a manufacturer account instead of a basic business account. Both are free, but the Creator account allows for long video and live options as well as integration with shopping via Facebook.


Of course, I have to mention YouTube. This is the most prominent DIY freebie out there. One of the great gifts of this free platform is the ability to create video courses, syllabi and webinars (both live and recorded). After setting up a free account and channel, you can record directly from your phone or laptop. YouTube will automatically scan for errors, prepare your video for you, and provide a shareable link and embedding code.

Expert advice:

If you really want to get into the edit nuts and bolts of YouTube, use a free program called Lightworks. It can be used on YouTube or separately as an add-on, depending on your DIY video editing skills.

How to shoot a video

Setting up a video is as easy as going live on your smartphone. However, most companies will set a schedule to go live with their social media videos. Depending on how often you want to share, a new idea can be created for weekly or daily delivery.

Suggestions for video content are …

  • Being an expert in your case.
  • Educating the customer.
  • A day in the life of an employee.
  • A tour of the office.
  • Your staff is out and about.
  • Something that creates a sense of community.

Extra free for student entrepreneurs

GitHub offers a free one-year subscription that includes the full version of Canvas and a variety of other tools. It’s worth checking out their website and seeing what’s available to you with your student ID. Most of these links can be found on your university or college website.

Shooting is easy and inexpensive to start with video. Hold your smartphone, tripod, Use Bluetooth shutter control, natural light or a ring light and start shooting! Remember, you are an expert in your business. You can create informative and useful webinars that will grab the attention of others and make meaningful connections with your customers.

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Meredith Kiljan

Meredith Kiljan is a writer and creative consultant for small businesses and focuses on quality management, business streamlining and social media integration. After years of teaching at the collegiate level, he used his skills and passion to put theory into practice. She currently lives in Arizona and has a passion for interior design, creative content design and helping others reach their goals in life.

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