Everyone on the Express Express!

For entrepreneurs, time is money. Phrases Express is a free tool to save you money, save you time. It’s a tool for PCs that we all take for granted, as it exists on our mobile devices. As we learned recently, it’s important to keep emails to contacts short and concise No one wants to read a long email, and the response can be overwhelming. Phrases Express, among other capabilities, can help eliminate redundancy. Phrase Express remembers your most frequently used text snippets and makes them readily available as you type. Check out the demo below to see it in action!


Phrase Express not only completes phrases and sentences for you, but it also allows users to create shortcuts for typing their names or other common signatures. It also has a spell-check feature, for programs and applications that may not have one built-in. Phrases Express can be used on an individual computer, or linked over a network For a small business owner with numerous employees who work with computers on the clock, this is a must-have time saver and helps keep email signatures throughout a company uniform and professional.

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