Here are 5 tips for couples who want to start a side hostel in photography

Perhaps you and your partner want to start taking pictures as a part-time gig. You might even want to turn it into a full-time business in the end. Regardless of your long-term goal, starting a photography business is an excellent side-hosting option, especially if you and your partner have a shared passion for photography.

If you are ready to invest your time and money towards a common goal, this article will help you find exactly what you need to get started on your photography.

How to start a photography side hostel as a couple

1. Choose a photography niche

Another important step to take before starting your photography side hostel is to choose a photography niche. There are a variety of popular niches that you can choose as a couple. If you want to create stock photographs that are uploaded to the internet and sold for money, some popular categories include nature and landscape photography.

Many photographers chose Hurry up Which focuses on capturing major life events, such as wedding photography or birth photography. The niche you want to follow should be something that is enjoyable for both you and your partner.

When you want to make sure that the photography niche you choose has a high demand, you should consider how much competition already exists between those niches in your geographical area. If a particular niche is overfilled with competitors fighting for the same potential clients, you may have difficulty finding and retaining new customers in the long run.

Top Photography Niches For Couples:

  1. Wedding photography-This type of photography is one of the most popular. But for the photographer, it is also one of the most stressful. A wedding is an important day not only for married people but also for all the friends and family present. Responsible for capturing a moment of life once you mix in the background. Sharing a partner’s responsibilities during this important event will make the task easier.
  2. Portrait photography– A great niche for pursuing portrait photography too. More and more people are looking for a good photographer for personal and professional photography that they can share with their family or help build their brand on social media.
  3. Family photography– Hard enough to take great shots of one or two. Now imagine taking a great shot of a whole family. A family photography is a Great side rush for couples Because the work required to capture a great shot of a group of people. It’s another niche where it’s best to have a partner who can help everyone laugh at the same time when the other person takes the shot.
  4. Event Photography-As the world returns to capture events in person, event photographers are needed to capture the memories. Whether it’s a party, corporate event, or club opening, the demand for event photographers will continue to grow in the years to come.
  5. Newborn Photography-Most parents of children think that their child is perfect. As a novice photographer, it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. While taking pictures of a baby may seem like an easy task for a group of people, photography of a newborn can be difficult. Babies often move a lot, cry and they don’t understand you when you tell them to smile. As a photography couple, you may be able to minimize the time it takes to get a great shot by sharing responsibilities.

2. Get the right equipment

If you want to start a photography side hostel as a couple, one of the most important steps is to invest in high-quality equipment. Depending on the type of photo you plan to take, you may need more than just a high-quality camera body and kit lens. Often, photographers also invest in additional accessories, such as lenses and light reflectors.

Sit down and make a list of all the tools you will need to get started and then decide how you will share the costs. Investing in the right equipment can cost from $ 500 to $ 10,000. It all depends on what you, as a couple, set a prerequisite for the success of your photography career.

Here are some things you need to do to get started

  • A full frame camera- You’ll need a good full-frame camera to get started.
  • A backup camera and battery-You want to make sure you have a backup camera and battery. This is especially important when photographing weddings, ceremonies, families and newborns. You want to make sure you don’t miss the moments because they can’t be duplicated.
  • Different lenses-When choosing your gear, be sure to get great lenses. Having a great collection of lenses can help make your images sharper and more compelling. For many photographers, having the right lens is more important than having the right camera.
  • Tripod-A sturdy tripod is going to be necessary with some photography niches and not so much for others. But a great opportunity presents itself if you still want to get one.
  • Backup drive-Like having a backup camera, you’ll also want to have a backup drive for storing your pictures. Even if you choose to keep your photos in the cloud, which is recommended, most professionals keep their photos in 3 separate places.

3. Create an online portfolio

Creating an online portfolio is one of the most effective ways to showcase your services and skills to potential customers. As well as creating one Google business profileFor example, many photography businesses use their online portfolio to promote their business and gain new customers.

In addition to creating a traditional website to showcase your online portfolio, another popular technique used by photographers is to showcase their work on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The best part about creating an online portfolio is that it can be created in a variety of ways.

Whether you decide to build an online portfolio using a website, social media platform, or a combination of the two, creating an online profile is another important step in accelerating your photography.

4. Offer your services for free first

One of the best ways to grow your business is to offer your services for free first By doing this, you will encourage potential customers to try out your services for the first time. Also, it’s a great way to start building a loyal following of clients for starters.

As a trade-off or investment, it is important to first consider offering your services for free When clients first try your services and are satisfied with their experience, they’re more likely to leave you with a good review and possibly refer people who know how to test your services.

As well as helping you build your clients, first offering your services for free is also a great way to build your portfolio and gain experience. While you and your partner may have many experiences photographing together in your personal life, it is important to build your portfolio and experience together in a professional setting.

Once you can prove that you both have professional experience in photography, you will begin to build credibility in your niche and attract more clients in the future.

5. Ask friends for referrals

Another effective way to increase your rush is to ask your friends for referrals. By utilizing the power of word of mouth, your friends can play an important role in helping you expand your reach to potential customers.

You might consider offering a few free photography sessions to your friends so they can personally testify to your skills and services. You can also create an incentive program so that friends receive a reward or free service for sending you a certain number of referrals.


Once you have decided to start a photography Hurry to the side as a coupleThere are several important things to consider before you begin Once you have agreed to a photography niche, invest in the necessary tools and build your portfolio, you can start promoting your services.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is that you and your partner agree on all business decisions. This will help ensure the success of your business in the long run.

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