Here are all the shark tank deals from Barbara Corcoran and how well they are doing

Labeled a “dumb kid” as a child by her teachers, Barbara Corcoran has made a name for herself as a real estate mogul, writer, entrepreneur, investor and TV personality. With the net Worth more than $ 100 million, Corcoran He is best known as one of the key investors in ABC’s Shark Tank.

Born in Edgewater, Corcoran, New Jersey was the second eldest child in 10 years. Throughout grade school and college, he struggled with dyslexia. Because of his learning ability, he has just graduated from high school with a D average. After graduating with a degree in education from college, Corcoran spent a year teaching, realizing that the profession was not right for him.

However, she finds her niche when her then-boyfriend persuades her to quit her waitress job and, instead, work in a real estate agency. Shortly afterwards, he started a real estate firm in Corcoran-Simone. Later, he founded his firm called The Corcoran Group.

He later sold his company in 2001 for 66 million.

As a shark, Corcoran brings a lot of information, experience and of course money to the panel. The ability to find a winning investment has helped him get several lucrative opportunities in the shark tank.

In this article, we’ll look at all of Barbara Corcoran’s current shark tank deals and how well they’re doing.

Agreement:% 55K for 15% equity

Cousin Main Lobster Hall is the best investment Corcoran has ever made in a shark tank. Cousin Maine Lobster is an international food franchise that brings the experience of Maine Lobster Shack to a unique neighborhood through their food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants.

Cousins ​​Sabin Lomack and Jim Selikis started Cousin Main Lobster Food Truck in 2012. The experience of the Maine Lobster is something that was missing in California. After losing interest in four sharks while in the tank, the pair were able to strike a deal with Corcoran, offering 15% of the company for $ 55,000.

Other sharks missed a gold mine. Corcoran’s cousin has gone to work to make the main lobster. He helped increase the number of their trucks, expand to other cities, and appeared on QVC as well as on national television shows such as “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” “Master Chef,” “The Chew,” and The. Food network.

The company now earns about $ 30 million in annual sales.

Agreement:% 50,000 for 50% equity

Pork Barrel BBQ produces small-batch, craft BBQ spice seasoning, rabbis, barbecue sauce, bacon jerky and keto pork crumbs. Before starting the company, Brett Thompson was a professional lobbyist and his co-founder Heath Hall was an employee of the Capitol Hill think tank.

They were able to make a deal with Barbara for 50,000 but had to give up 50% of their company. It was valuable because Pork Barrel BBQ is still in business and enjoys আয় 4 million in annual revenue.

Deal: $ 200,000 until% 200,000 is paid for 50%, then 10% equity

Hire Santa is a service that gives people, malls, corporations or anyone else the ability to search and rent a Santa Claus for any event or activity. The company allows a client to rent an authentic Santa, receive a letter from Santa or even receive a video message.

Entrepreneur Mitch Allen came up with the idea for the business after appearing as Santa Claus during a Christmas party for a company he founded. During his pitch, Allen tells Shark that he will earn $ 550,000 from sales of $ 1.2 million a year. He expressed interest in some sharks but made a সাথে 200,000 deal with Barbara Corcoran for 50% until he finally paid $ 200,000.

Soon, the company reported sales of $ 1.4 million, as well as a partnership deal with Bloomingdale in New York City.

Agreement:% 300,000 for 20% equity

Duffbar is a donut-flavored protein bar that allows you to enjoy the taste of donuts without all the unhealthy side effects. Marquez and Ondria Fernandez started the company because they wanted to create a protein bar that also tastes great.

The company now generates around $ 2 million in annual retail sales between its retail location and online.

Agreement:% 50,000 for 20% equity

Hollywood producer Jason Burns went to Shark Tank to pay $ 50,000 for an investment of 10% of his company Fizetland. Fitgetland sells fidgeting toys designed to help people with ADHD, anxiety, autism, learning disabilities, nail biting and other ailments.

Barbara offered Burns $ 50,000 for 20%, which is 5% more than Robert Herzavek’s offer. However, Barbara tells Burns that she and her son are battling dyslexia. She says this is why she would be the ideal partner because she understands what it feels like to live with a learning disability. Burns, who has ADHD, has accepted his offer.

Fijetland now earns about $ 1 million in annual sales.

Agreement:% 300,000 for 15% equity

Founded as a food truck in 2016, Brothers Brian and Caleb Lewis brought their business press Waffle Co. into the shark tank to demand $ 200,000 for 8% equity. Press Waffle Co. Expert in fully customizable Belgian waffles They agreed to a% 300,000 deal with Barbara for 15%. The company now has locations in several locations in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas and Texas.

Contract:% 175,000 for 10% shares – half goes to the credit line

Melissa and Rick Hinant handed their company Grace and Les to Shark, who wanted $ 175,000 for 10% equity. Melissa made the product after resting in bed after a premature birth. He started selling his products in the East selling about 50,000 pairs of products in just 2 years.

The sharks were really impressed by the number of couples. They started the company with 800 and were able to earn $ 1.2 million in sales the previous year. All this when there is no debt. Robert Herzavek offered 175,000 for their 10% equity. But the couple decided to go with Barbara who offered half of the 5 175,000 as a line of credit.

Within 5 days of appearing on the show, Grace & Lace earned $ 1 million in sales. The company now earns about $ 5 million in annual sales. A portion of each sale goes towards the construction of orphanages in India.

Agreement:% 75,000 for 50% equity

Nardo’s Natural Botanically-Based Skincare product was created by four brothers. The products are cruelty-free, color-free, paraben-free and vegetarian.

The pitch has seen all the sharks go out except Barbara. They agreed to take 75,000 for 50% equity. Since appearing on the tank, Nardo’s Naturals has enjoyed an annual income of $ 5 million.

Agreement:% 50,000 for 15% equity

Ski-Z is a “ski caddy” made with a single wheel. It attaches to the front of your skis and can push, pull and turn a dime. Kyle Allen, the inventor of ski-jade, came up with the idea after his daughter’s skis hit the slope.

Kyle and his partner Nick Palmero were looking for $ 50,000 for 15% equity and Barbara agreed to that deal. The two men mentioned that they may need an additional $ 50,000 in their line of credit. Barbara tells them that getting extra cash will not be a problem. Ski-Z earns about $ 200,000 annually.

Contract:% 50,000 for 25% and $ 1 royalty per cake until 50,000 is paid

Kim Nelson was looking for $ 50,000 for 25% equity in her dessert made from a recipe given to her by her grandmother. While pitching her cake, Kim loses interest in all the sharks except Barbara. Other sharks think it takes a lot of hard work to grow a business.

Corcoran noticed that although they didn’t want to invest in any other shark company, they ate all of Nelson’s cake samples. Barbara offers Nelson $ 50,000 in royalties and $ 1 until $ 50,000 is paid. Kim agrees and their partnership begins.

Daisy Cake makes an annual income of more than $ 4 million.

Deal:% 200,000 for 10% + equal draw

Pipcorn is a non-GMO popcorn snack. Siblings Jeff and Jennifer Martin created the snack and were able to sell $ 200,000 units before appearing on the show. They felt they had a winning product but needed help reducing margins. Robert Herzavek and Corcoran were both interested in the company but Corcoran was able to win the deal. Presumably, it was his winning track record with food companies that impressed the two entrepreneurs.

The company has stores in all Whole Foods stores and has even made a list of “Oprah’s favorite things”. Pipcorn now earns more than 5 million in annual sales.

Agreement:% 100,000 for 18% equity

Matt Bliss’s grandfather, Lawrence “Bad” Stoker, created a unique Christmas tree that reflected modern trends. Bliss has decided to honor his grandfather by taking his creation to market

Modern Christmas has acrylic rings with glass balls and chandelier crystals, illuminated by an LED light that reflects a rolling mirror ball. In addition to its attractive modern design, the trees break flat for easy storage.

Bliss sharks begin to lose interest due to scaling, product pricing and concerns about a seasonal purchase. Corcoran was the final shark left and offered Bliss 25 100,000 for 25% and গাছ 5 per tree royalty until he got his money back. Kevin O’Leary re-enters the negotiations and tries to steal the deal from Barbara.

Bliss eventually agreed to 18% equity. The modern Christmas tree now generates $ 500,000 in annual sales.

Agreement:% 25,000 for 25% equity (Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran)

At just 13 years old, Andrea Cao Q-Flex. The Q-Flex is a personal acupressure system and a self-massage device that enables the user to massage hard-to-reach areas of the body. Andrea made the product when she witnessed her mother, Hong Kao, return home from work with back pain.

The mother and daughter team were able to land two sharks in a deal with Barbara to split the investment with Mark Cuban for 25% equity. While Andrea is now in college, Q-Flex has seen a lot of success throughout the year and has earned $ 3.5 million in annual sales.

Deal:% 100,000 for 50%

Shelly Hyde & Kara Haught has launched their own line of swimwear in response to their ongoing struggle to find fashionable suits for active women. Women have designed their swimsuits to be fashionable and flattering so that women can feel comfortable and confident on the beach or in the pool.

Barbara and the women agreed to a এর 100,000 deal for 50% equity. The company has made more than $ 25 million in lifetime sales since appearing on the show.

Agreement:% 75,000 for 40% equity and $ 100,000 credit line for purchase orders (Laurie Greiner and Barbara Corcoran)

Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley created Hold Your Hanches after realizing their dissatisfaction with body-shaper clothing. Hold Your Hunches is a line of luxurious fashion pants with a layer of high-grade compression shapewear that helps create a stylish and smooth silhouette.

Two women, Laurie Greiner and Barbara, were able to strike a deal for 40% equity. Since appearing on the show, Hold Your Haunches has managed to earn বিক 1 million in annual sales.

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