How Barbara Corcoran made her money

For more than eleven seasons, Barbara Corcoran has appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank as one of the business-savvy investors. The four-time Emmy Award-winning show shows entrepreneurs presenting their business to a panel of investors in hopes of concluding an investment deal with Shark.

With a Net value of more than $ 100 million, Corcoran Proved he can conquer the world of real estate and business. You may be a fan of Corcoran but have you ever wondered how he got so rich? In this article, we will look at how Barbara made her money and how she continues to build her wealth.

Background of Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Ann Corcoran was born in Edgewater, New Jersey. He is the second eldest of 10 children. Throughout grade school and college, he struggled with dyslexia. Because of his learning ability, he has just graduated from high school with a D average. After graduating with a degree in education from college, Corcoran spent a year teaching, realizing that the profession was not right for him.

In an interview, Corcoran said his biggest rejection was when he was reprimanded and called a fool for not being able to read in first grade. She thinks her teacher scolded her in front of the whole class for not reading her properly.

Corcoran used to say that he was now grateful that he had been treated so badly. He said the business was being rejected, ridiculed and seen as external. For her, she seemed to have been mistreated because a child had prepared her for the business world.

However, he found his niche. Corcoran estimates that he took 20 different jobs by the age of 23. She continues to pursue her ideal career when her then-boyfriend persuades her to quit her waitress job and, instead, work for a real estate agency.

How did Barbara Corcoran get rich?

Shortly after working at a real estate agency, Corcoran borrowed $ 1,000 And started Corcoran-Simonè real estate firm with her boyfriend. Later, he founded his firm called The Corcoran Group. The Corcoran Group will become one of the largest and most famous brands in the brokerage business. He later sold his company in 2001 for 66 million.

What has driven Corcoran to be successful?

In one Interview, Barbara credits her ex-boyfriend for telling her that she will never succeed. It was at this time that her boyfriend began a relationship with Corcoran’s secretary. When Corcoran decides to leave the relationship, her ex-boyfriend tells her that she will never succeed without him.

He used these separation words as inspiration to build his business. Corcoran had a goal in mind, “Be the queen of New York real estate. He credits his hard work and his success for always being ready.

How he continued to make money

Shark tanks and other business investments

Corcoran’s business acumen has helped him find and land some of the most lucrative deals on shark tanks. Her experience, perseverance and, of course, money have helped her find entrepreneurs who are keen to do business with her. The ability to find a winning investment has helped him get several lucrative opportunities in the shark tank.

Here are some of the most successful deals made in Barbara Corcoran shark tanks.

Cousin Maine Lobster

Cousin Main Lobster Hall is the most successful investment Corcoran has ever made in a shark tank. Cousin Maine Lobster is an international food franchise that brings the experience of Maine Lobster Shack to a unique neighborhood through their food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants.

Corcoran was able to win the deal by offering 15% of the company for 55,000. The company now earns about $ 30 million in annual sales.

Grace and lace

One of Corcoran’s most successful investments is Grace & Lace. Barbara offered half of the $ 175,000 as a line of credit. The entrepreneurs accepted Corcoran’s offer.

Within 5 days of appearing on the show, Grace & Lace earned $ 1 million in sales. The company now earns about $ 5 million in annual sales. A portion of each sale goes towards the construction of orphanages in India.

Nightshade’s natural

Nardo’s Natural Botanically-based skincare product was created by four brothers. The products are cruelty-free, color-free, paraben-free and vegetarian.

The pitch has seen all the sharks go out except Barbara. They agreed to take 75,000 for 50% equity. Since appearing on the tank, Nardo’s Naturals has enjoyed an annual income of $ 5 million.

For all the more Barbara Corcoran’s Shark Tank DealSee our article Here. In addition to his contract with Shark Tanks, Corcoran has invested in more than 80 other businesses.

Speaking and approval

Corcoran is busy sharing his entrepreneurial knowledge in a variety of ways. He is the best-selling author “Shark Story: How I Made 1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business!”And“ Unusual Business with Barbara Corcoran ”host of the podcast.

Corcoran is also an inspiring and inspiring speaker. He is a frequent small business and real estate contributor to every major network such as ABC, CNBC, CBS and more.


Barbara Corcoran is an example that the struggle of early life does not mean that success cannot come in the next life. He is also an example of how hard work, perseverance and determination can lead to success. She is an inspiration to those who struggle with learning disabilities. He has proven that those with disabilities don’t need to hold you back.

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