How did Laurie Greiner get rich?

Known as The Worm Blooded Shark, Laurie Greiner has made her mark as an intelligent investor in ABC’s Shark Tank. The Chicago resident who originally planned to become a playwright has collected one Net worth over $ 100 million As an inventor, entrepreneur and investor.

Shark Tank is a reality television series that premiered on ABC in 2009. The show’s premise shows that entrepreneurs are presenting business to a panel of five investors, or “sharks,” who decide whether to invest in their company.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but it’s also the winning combination of personalities like money-loving venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary and the outspoken billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. The show regularly attracts over 3 million viewers per episode and has won 4 Emmy Awards.

Laurie Greiner is one of two regular female panelists and has earned a reputation as an “excellent shark.” But his charismatic personality never conflicts with his ability to make wise business decisions. He is multi-talented, creative and has high business IQ. Newly launched items have a 90% success rate. But have you ever wondered, exactly how Laurie Greiner made his money?

How Laurie Greiner made her money

In the mid-90s, shortly after becoming a writer for the Chicago Tribune, Laurie was able to obtain a $ 300,000 loan to help make his first product a success. Lorry’s first product was a plastic organizer that could hold at least 100 earrings.

The earrings organizer became a huge hit and made Greiner his first millionaire. Greiner has sold the product on JCPenney, the Home Shopping Network and other channels. In three years, the business earned more than 10 million.

Since then, she has developed more than 1,000 products for men and women and holds 120 patents for her accessories, agency and kitchen products in the United States and abroad.

Lorry’s gold and silver safekeeper jewelry cabinet

One of its products is the Gold and Silver Safekeeper Jewelry Cabinet. This genius innovation is a wall mounted dressing mirror that is conveniently opened to reveal a jewelry organizer, full of storage options that can hold up to 350 pieces. She has her own line of shark tank sunglasses as well as other fashion accessories that are sold at QVC, stores and online.

Grenier took his knowledge of turning inventions into a million dollar business and wrote a book Discover it, sell it, bank it!. The book has been named one of the top 10 business books by, a national bestseller, and was named the top business book of the 2014 Wall Street Journal.

The success of Laurie Grainer’s largest shark tank

As a panelist for ABC’s Shark Tank, Greiner continues to explore great ideas and turn them into a million-dollar business. She earns over $ 50,000 per episode. He makes good use of his time on the show to invest in businesses that have great potential

Of all the products that have been invested in shark tanks, Greiner can boast of the ability to find a winning idea. Of the top 20 most successful companies in shark tanks, Laurie Greiner has invested in 10 of them. Here are some of the biggest successes found on the Greiner show.

Maza Baba

During Season 4, Laurie Greiner invested in a reusable sponge in the shape of a smiling face that is firm in cold water and soft in warm water. Despite the potential of inventor Aaron Krause, Scrub seems to be having a hard time gaining traction with Daddy. According to the look of his shark tank, he was not only able to earn more than $ 100,000.

Although the product seemed to be a perfect match for Queen of QVC because Greiner offered a 20% stake in the company for 200,000. The rest is history. The product was available to retailers such as Lori Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as many other retailers.

Scrub Daddy is now available in over 30,000 retail stores, sold in 17 countries and grossed over $ 400 million. This is considered to be the most successful deal made in shark tanks.


In Season 3, Laurie invested in a company that solved the problem of lost and scratched glasses. After habitually losing and damaging his glasses, Rick Hopper began using paperclips and magnets to protect his glasses. He later created a prototype product, purchased a patent, and began exhibiting his inventions at trade shows.

Originally with Lori as a whole company, Hopper agreed to accept $ 150,000 for 65% of his company. However, it seems to be paying off because the company has sold more than $ 8 million. Readerest is a popular item on QVC and often sells.

The squat is potty

Bobby Edwards was able to successfully pitch his company to Squatty Potty Sharks, and was able to land বিনিয়োগ 350,000 in investment capital from Greiner and fellow shark Kevin O’Leary. The squat ribbon is a bathroom accessory that helps people get into the squat position. Edwards gave up 10% of his company for a deal with 2 sharks and it seemed worth it.

Within 3 months of the episode airing, the product sold 12 million. The company has also entered into an agreement with Bed Bath and Beyond and will now be available in 11,000 stores. The company reportedly earned more than 30 million.


Driven by Lori Grenier, he is talented, creative and has a knack for turning entrepreneurs into millionaires. He continues to seek and invest in people and products he believes in and is an inspiration to those who have an idea and a desire to succeed.

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