How to become a self-employed truck driver: 8 practical tips


Being a self-employed truck driver gives you incredible control over your life. You can choose when, where and how long you work, giving you the important flexibility and work-life balance that many truckers struggle to find. Truck drivers are in high demand right now, so this is a great time to enter the industry.

Here are all the steps you need to consider to become a self-employed truck driver. A proper license is essential, with additional authorizations that can make you a more attractive hire. It is also a good idea to consider whether you will rent or buy your own truck or use trucks provided by your employer.

Get your CDL

yours Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) An important qualification that allows you to drive commercial vehicles. Since driving a truck requires more skill, safety awareness and experience, you are eligible for a dedicated license in addition to your regular license. You need to find a qualified provider to help you pass your CDL, and there are trucking schools across the country that can help you get your career off to a strong start.

Consider buying your own truck

Many truck drivers own their vehicles, allowing them to make improvements and modifications that help make their life on the road easier. Buying a truck is a big purchase, so it may not be achievable for every new self-employed truck driver. Some choose to take gigs where their employer provides the truck until they can save enough for their own vehicle. It will come down to your own preference, so carefully consider the pros and cons of each option.

See additional authorization options

Endorsements on your CDL can be a great way to prove your skills as a trucker and make yourself more attractive to potential employers. Have authorization that shows you are competent and capable of carrying out specialist work such as carrying dangerous substances or liquids. They can be an excellent choice to help newly qualified truck drivers get their foot in the door and start landing your trucking gigs.

Check out what’s in the works

The trucking industry is currently experiencing significant demand, which means it is an employee market. There are plenty of ways to find a trucking job, and it’s a good idea to understand the market and the type of work and the pay you can expect. If you want to start looking for a job, It’s easy to do with the Adzuna app View some of the best, latest truck driver roles available.

Get an accountant

As a self-employed truck driver, you need to understand your taxes and make sure you file your tax returns correctly and on time. Taxes can be complicated, and being self-employed can make them even more so. Getting an accountant to help you with the complexities of self-employment tax can be invaluable in helping you stay on top of your finances. Do your homework when choosing an accountant and find someone who has experience working with truck drivers in your location.

Invest in the right tools

Having the right tools and equipment for the job is essential. In some cases, the company you currently work for will provide tools and equipment, but in others, you will be expected to own the necessary items. These include mechanical tools for minor repairs to your commercial vehicle, an emergency and first aid kit, a satnav and the right clothing to ensure your comfort on long journeys.

Find ways to stay entertained

Being a self-employed truck driver means you will spend a lot of time in the cab of your vehicle. It can be lonely work, so it’s vital that you find safe ways to entertain yourself. Talking to other truckers on your radio is a common practice if you feel the need to socialize while driving. Other great options include podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks, and music. Just make sure whatever you choose doesn’t distract you from the road.

Actively manage your work-life balance

healthy Work life balance It’s not always an easy thing for a trucker to achieve and it’s something that requires constant management. It’s a good idea to learn how to schedule your work in a way that leaves you time for home and other commitments. You should consider which jobs will take you the most away from your life and make sure the pay is right if they take you away from home for longer than you should.


Being a self-employed truck driver can be a truly enriching experience. You can explore the country, explore new places and enjoy incredible views from your truck cab. Many even choose this profession as a way to travel and get paid at the same time. You need to create a plan, listing everything you need to become a trucker, from licenses to trucks to places to find trucking gigs.

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