How to combine offline and online marketing in your business

When creating your business plan, it is important to look at all aspects of your marketing strategies and ensure they are consistent, clear and effective. We all know that online is the “go-to” method for many businesses. However, it turns out that there are many reasons why offline marketing is still important. Offline marketing can help you reach customers who are not only and can help strengthen your business branding through both mediums.

Many people think Offline Marketing and online marketing as two different, competing strategies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, offline and marketing are two different sides of the same coin. They can complement each other and, when properly integrated, can grow your business in a dynamic way.

Think of them as a team where all players need the same focus but different roles. It is also important that the various players (offline and online marketing pieces) bring the customer together at one point of contact (either your website, your store or both). Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to integrate your offline and online marketing

Use a consistent branding across both platforms

Fancy logos are nice, but if your customer can’t read them, it won’t drive them to your store Keeping up with trends is important, but constantly changing your logo or ad style will confuse people and make your brand unrecognizable.

One of the most powerful assets your business has is your brand recognition. Keep branding simple, easy to read, eye-catching and consistent across all points of your marketing. If you have a teal logo on your website and a royal blue logo on your storefront, customers won’t be able to tie the two together. Even if your brand name is the same in both.

Getting your customer to connect Brand logo Your storefront sign is the overall goal they’ve seen online.

Offer physical coupons for online purchases

Another way to combine online and offline marketing is to use physical coupons. Have you ever gone through your mail and found a coupon for a store you’ve shopped in the past? Maybe you don’t plan to buy anything there in the near future, but now that you have a coupon in hand, you start thinking about what you can buy.

Using offline tactics like mailing coupons is a great way to get customers’ attention. You can make them available in your storefront to encourage your customers to shop online. This strategy helps your customers shop online and offline.

Use tracking URLs and unique landing pages

When sending flyers, emails, text messages, posting on billboards, investing in newspaper or magazine ads, and other forms of marketing, it’s important to be able to track where you’re seeing the most return for your specific customer base.

There are a few different ways to complete this trick. You can create pages specifically set up for specific promotions or special offers and track exactly how much traffic you get to the site. You can set up separate URLs for certain types of ads, such as a giveaway, as long as they don’t take people directly to your main homepage, because these numbers are impossible to accurately track why someone clicked on the page.

The ability to know how many people have visited a specific URL based on a specific marketing scheme helps you plan your strategy going forward and trash some content you didn’t find effective.

Develop a mobile app

Creating a mobile app as part of your business plan can be extremely effective, but it can also be very expensive and is not a path you want to skip. Apps are useful tools because they give you direct access to your customers and can even give you the ability to notify them when you run a special event or promotion.

Apps are a comprehensive and high-tech part of your marketing strategy. Investing in a great development and maintenance team will help you get maximum downloads as well as satisfied users No one wants an app taking up space on their phone that’s glitchy or ineffective.

Promote private events online

With the ability to reach a larger audience online, it’s best to take advantage of that reach and work to get customers inside your store

A great way to implement this into your marketing strategy is to create events on your social media pages, such as Facebook, and get customers excited about upcoming promotions or specials. With people being able to mark statuses like “going” or “interested”, it can promote the event even after yours because their friends will see these updates.

You can create a hashtag for specific events as well as your brand name and encourage customers to use it when they are using your products or when they attend an event. Creating a specific hashtag for the event and linking it to your brand name will help potential customers associate your business with fun events and hopefully interest them enough to show up.


Remember that your online and offline marketing strategies are not competing against each other. Instead, they are working together to enhance the overall effectiveness of all the pieces to benefit your business. Don’t cut a piece without first seeing how it plays into the end goal.

Use your stars and supporting “players” to create an efficient and effective marketing strategy that ties offline and online marketing together for the overall good of the business.

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