How to start an online clothing business on Instagram

With an estimated user base of 1.440 billion users, Instagram is a hot market for all types of businesses. Used effectively, it can be a handy tool in your marketing campaign. Many Instagram users are using the app to fulfill their love for fashion, gorgeous photos, lifestyle inspiration and adventure.

Let’s see how to start a clothing business on Instagram as well as how to engage with your followers, how to link your website to your profile, and how to grow your following with great photos and trendy videos.

Why clothing businesses do well on Instagram

A third of Instagram users have purchased an item of clothing after viewing a post on the platform. According to one study. This is a big deal and a huge opportunity for a new clothing brand. For a new clothing brand, Instagram is a marketing platform with built-in users who respond positively to clothing and fashion brands.

One obvious reason apparel brands perform so well on Instagram is because the platform is a visual-first app. While you can post videos and text on Instagram, photos and stories still rule.

This is in contrast to Facebook and Twitter where text is still the dominant medium and TikTok where video shorts dominate. While it is still possible for apparel brands to find success on other social media platforms, Instagram still holds the most potential.

Set up an Instagram shop

Setting up an Instagram shop is pretty easy. The app has a specific area called Commerce Manager Which can walk you through the steps.

By setting up an Instagram shop versus just a personal profile, you can get access to more feedback on how your posts are coming across to your followers. It may even give you some of the best times to create posts to get the most engagement.

While many will want to visit an actual website before making a purchase, having an Instagram shop gives your customers the ability to shop directly from your posts and can be another great tool for your clothing business.

Have your own website

Having a website gives customers more confidence in your overall business. Knowing that this step is done can give you a leg up on the competition that doesn’t have a website as scammers run rampant in the online world.

When you have a website, make sure you have a distinct look and feel for your brand and that you are consistent when presenting your apparel products. It should be easy for customers to navigate and provide a quick and easy option for shopping.

Use hashtags

Hashtags can be one of the fastest and most efficient marketing tools you can use, but you need to be aware of how you use them. Hashtags not only give you the power to get your brand name out there but give you the power to name collections and special events and get the word out fast!

You can use hashtags to encourage your followers to share their photos with hashtags and enter various contests or giveaways. Using word-of-mouth as a marketing tool can spread your brand name to potential customers in your niche.

The main rule is to make sure you don’t overuse hashtags. If you have more hashtags in the post than you have under your post, people won’t take the time to read through each one.

Take great product photos

Instagram is known for great photos. The competition is going to be very high so it’s important to make sure when you post a picture of your products that it’s high quality and makes your followers want to like, follow and buy it!

You can find inspiration by searching other businesses in your niche as well as researching the best ways to capture the clothing products you are selling.

Use video

Reels are a hot topic on Instagram right now and if you use them right, you can be featured in the newsfeed before people follow your page! There’s something about a short video that captures more people’s attention than a still image and helps the follower feel more connected to your brand and products.

This is a great opportunity to show your staff some behind-the-scenes looks and even some blooper reels of what it takes to create your final videos. A huge use of videos on this platform is to relate to your followers!

Find people to model your items

You can have the most beautiful clothing products on the market but if all your posts are still images from videos or the same model all the time then you may miss people who just don’t connect with the images. Finding different models with different shapes and body types will help build your following and reach a wider audience.

It also presents a great opportunity to collaborate with other social media influencers and your followers. Send some of your clothing products to others and let them use your hashtags so you can re-share them on your page helping to promote your products and their page. A win-win for everyone.

Asking your followers to use your brand’s hashtags after making a purchase can also generate engagement as you can reshare their posts and make them feel more connected to your products while building a wider range of followers. Instagram is a great place for collaboration and less about competition!


Instagram is an amazing tool and should be involved in your overall marketing campaign. With such a large audience and the ability to spread your product and message so affordably, you’ll want to do your research and capture great photos and videos, create a brand of consistent hashtags, and build those followers!

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