Microlearning is changing employee training: some best practices to follow

For many businesses looking to update their training programs, microlearning has emerged as an e-learning solution over the past few years. When instruction is delivered in manageable chunks across multiple outlets while students are engaged, learning outcomes increase dramatically.

The speed, accessibility, and effectiveness of microlearning are superior to traditional e-learning programs. Microlearning is actually one of the hottest e-learning topics this year. Additionally, it will lead the pack among businesses trying to develop incredibly impressive training programs.

Many companies now favor microlearning because of their work style and the cost of their knowledge. Microlearning is undoubtedly the technology of the future when it comes to training and development. If you want to try microlearning, this article is for you.

By reading this article’s discussion of microlearning best practices, you can get the best results from your online training. Let’s begin. But let’s see first.”What is microlearning??”

Microlearning is a training method that breaks courses into smaller, more manageable chunks, making learning more practical, cost-effective and less boring for busy professionals.

Microlearning sessions last just a few minutes and focus on one aspect of a concept, requiring employees to sit through hour-long courses or attend week- or day-long conventional training seminars to fully address a concept.

You can supplement or replace other training programs with a set of microlearning modules. They are quick and accessible, so the worker can return to them whenever things need to be brushed up on.

Employees can access microlearning courses on their own time and at their convenience using a phone or other smart device, condensing the focus and expanding the availability of training.

Microlearning has emerged as a highly successful method of business training. It can help you identify and fill knowledge gaps, as well as improve retention and review of previously learned information.

Following are some essential best practices to give sharp teeth to your micro-learning efforts:

Employ a mobile-friendly platform for learning anywhere, anytime

These days, mobile devices are more than just a gadget. Today, we consume all kinds of materials in these adaptable, fully functional devices on a daily basis. Therefore, your microlearning training content must be responsive for mobile devices.

It helps provide significant flexibility to your employees and allows them to access modules on their mobile gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and help them pick up new ideas, information and skills even when away from their desks or formalities. Placement.

Employee training can quickly feel like another distraction from job activities if it’s not accessible on mobile devices, since employees won’t be interested in receiving microlearning content.

Apply gamification to create engaging content

Engagement of microlearning content can be enhanced through this Gamification integration. Game elements including scores, stages, rewards and leaderboards will encourage your workforce to earn more rewards, take on more gaming challenges and stay engaged in training content.

Your employees will be more inclined to learn new things using gamification when they have time or want to take a break from their busy schedules.

This will increase student engagement with the material and the rate at which modules are completed. Your staff members will be motivated and motivated, thanks to this mix of microlearning and gamification.

To make learning more fun and engaging for your staff and increase participation, engagement and competition among students, you can use the built-in gamification feature in various online authoring tools. These features include rules, points, rewards and leaderboards.

Create quizzes so students can review content

You can create rich and engaging microlearning sessions with quizzes. You can use quizzes to break up your training material and make it easier to understand. With quick and short quizzes at the conclusion of each session break, students can remember and retain more knowledge.

When it comes to long lectures that cover different topics, your staff members will find it difficult to retain all the information while breaking down the module. This is where quizzes support and enhance microlearning outcomes

Additionally, quizzes provide students with a quick opportunity to stay motivated, lighten their cognitive load, and assess their understanding of the training material. Your staff will be able to get immediate feedback and get a better idea of ​​what they already know and what still needs improvement thanks to this ongoing assessment of the material.

Using an LMS of your choice, you can create interactive quiz questions as well as other question types to increase your content’s engagement, assess employee understanding, and improve information retention.

You can mix content using different formats

Different people learn in different ways; Some appreciate audio, some choose video, and some prefer other types of visual elements like infographics. Microlearning has the main advantage of allowing you to employ multimedia to succinctly communicate learning content.

So you should use a variety of media in your microlearning content format. To make your microlearning material more interesting and engaging, experiment with different learning techniques using different types of images, graphics, music and videos.

There are many LMSs available that handle different content formats. This LMS allows you to host a wide variety of microlearning content, including papers, PDF files, PowerPoint slides, audio clips, videos, graphics, and more.


In conclusion, microlearning is a great method to enhance your training sessions and give an extra boost. You can effectively increase the flexibility, usability, and relevance of training by providing your employees with short, easy-to-digest learning content segments.

Additionally, microlearning is effective for learners of all abilities and across different subjects and sectors. Therefore, microlearning is the future of learning and development, allowing the contemporary workforce to train and learn according to their convenience and interests.

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