Here are 8 of Elon Musk’s most popular tweets

Here are 8 of Elon Musk’s most popular tweets

On April 26, 2022, Twitter accepted Musk’s offer to buy the social media company for about 44 44 billion. The platform agreed to pay $ 54.20 less per share, a 38 percent premium to the company’s share price. A month before the announcement, Musk revealed that he was already Twitter’s largest shareholder

Musk joined Twitter in 2010 and now has more than 85 million followers – the seventh-highest on any account and the highest for any business leader. Since joining Twitter, Musk has become one of his most controversial figures.

With plans to buy Twitter, Mask wants to make some big changes. He says he wants to add features like an edit button and expand the tweet’s character limit to the current maximum of 280. He wants to relax community guidelines to allow more freedom of speech

Many people who are critical of the mask are concerned that the change in his Twitter community guidelines could lead to the spread of hate speech, false information and fake news on the platform.

It remains to be seen whether Twitter, controlled by Elon Musk, will get better or worse. All that is known is that Elon Musk likes to use Twitter, to promote his company and to troll even the most powerful people in the world.

Here are some of Elon Musk’s tweets that have garnered the most attention in recent years.

1. Trying to make peace with his critics

3.2M Like; 384 thousand retweets

Many users were outraged when Twitter announced that it had accepted Mask’s offer to buy the platform. Many have promised to give up Twitter. Some users have seen their followers drop overnight and speculate that those threatening to leave Twitter are following their plans.

The next day, Mask sent the following tweet.

I hope that even my worst critics will be on Twitter, because that is what freedom of speech means

2. Beef with Bill Gates

1.3M Like; 139 thousand retweets

Elon Musk is not a fan of Bill Gates. Beef started when Musk learned that Bill Gates had taken a $ 500 million short position against Tesla Motors. Taking a short position, also known as short-selling, is a strategy used when an investor expects the price of a security to fall in the short term.

When taking a brief position, you are basically betting against the company instead of investing in the company.

“I heard from multiple people at TED that Gates still had half a billion shorts against Tesla, which is why I asked him, so it’s not a secret,” Musk tweeted.

Musk added that Gates reached out to the Tesla CEO via text to ask if he wanted to be a partner in some charitable work. At the time, Musk asked Gates if he had sold his brief position against Tesla, to which Gates replied that he had not.

“Sorry, but I can’t take your philanthropy seriously about climate change. When you’re in a huge short position against Tesla, the company is doing the most to tackle climate change,” Musk responded.

In this tweet, Musk jokes about Gates, comparing the world’s fourth richest man to a pregnant man’s emoji.

Later, Musk announced on Twitter that he was not going to target Gates in the future by tweeting, “[Moving on …] From making fun of Gates for belittling Tesla while claiming to support climate change, “Musk tweeted.

3. The first tweet after reaching an agreement with Twitter

2.6 M Like; 366K Retweet

This tweet was the first sent by Musk since the announcement of his contract with Twitter. The tweet is a screenshot of a part of the Twitter acquisition press release.

4. Twitter response to the acquisition

1.5M Like; 190 thousand retweets

News of Musk’s plans has drawn a lot of negative reactions on Twitter, with Musk sending the following tweet.

The extreme antibody response from those who fear freedom of speech says it all

5. Sharing love-

1.2M Like; 90 thousand retweets

Obviously, people just want to say that someone loves them.

Thomas Martin

Tom is a member of the editorial team at Startup Mindset. She has over 6 years of experience writing on business, entrepreneurship and other topics. He focuses on online business, digital publishing, marketing and ecommerce startups.

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What are the best practices in HR today?

What are the best practices in HR today?


The business world is evolving rapidly. A company must be at the top of every category if it does not want its competitors to surpass them. This is especially true of HR, which plays a sensitive role in the growth and well-being of a company. This is why many of them are now installing HR software as part of their development. Let’s take a closer look at what this means and what are the other best practices in HR today.

HRIS – Human Resource Software

In today’s world technology is the key to the development of any company. If it does not have the latest equipment in all sections, it is forced to back down. HRIS A human resource information system. It can be installed inside the company’s servers, but it is often run through the cloud. It handles all information about HR activities and processes electronically. It is also possible that the same system handles accounting, management, payroll and even IT.

The main goal of installing HRIS is to increase efficiency within the HR department. It helps to make decisions, because all the information needed to work is found inside the software, which makes it easier to make choices that will affect the future of the company. These decisions will theoretically help the company in all other aspects, including quality of life and productivity of all employees. Managers prefer to work with HRIS, as it greatly simplifies their work.

Other best HR practices

Develop a strong culture

Culture has become one of the most important factor in the growth of a company. Values ​​are important to the new generation. Many of them will not work for a company that does not share their interests in certain subjects, or how it works in the office, and in terms of clear separation it will not provide the standard of living that they expect. Between their time at work, rest and holidays.

Getting everyone to buy-in

Building a vision with clear goals is more important today than ever before. The role of HR is to get everyone shopping, so that they all work together for the same goal. Collaborative has become a key word within the company. Asset redistribution is also at risk, among the few companies in the world that retain the best business practices. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. HR department managers need to maintain these trends, otherwise they will soon find themselves obsolete.

HR centering on employees

Employees need to celebrate. Of course, HR still needs to create and manage the rules that govern the company, but they also need to make sure that they Create a great working environment, Otherwise, they will start to lose employees in the competition and will not be able to replace them easily. Progress should be allowed, whenever possible, and all special steps taken by employees that contribute to strong growth should be celebrated as a special occasion.

No-code solution with Max Mirho

No-code solution with Max Mirho

Did you know that you don’t need to know how to code to get the app you wanted to create and launch? To begin the spring 2022 semester of the Venture U Business Seminar series, EnteroNerd host Max Mirho talks about a no-code solution for entrepreneurs.

During his seminars, Max shared examples of apps and businesses that he never started writing a line of code. He demonstrated a number of tools that you can use to do the same! He started by defining what it means to be no-code based and what it means to be code based. Some popular and well-known examples of no-code tools, especially for websites, are WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace. Basically, any tool that can help create an app without code or a website without code is no-code.

Code-based tools require a thorough knowledge of code languages ​​such as CSS, JavaScript or HTML. Creating apps and websites required code and programming experience, but not anymore. For entrepreneurs, these no-code solutions have really leveled the technical playing field.

Website Builder

The first website that Max introduced us to was He described it as the simplest, cheapest website builder. He ran a quick show by creating a “Link in Bio” website, one of those websites that influencers or everyday users put in their Instagram bio. Each button on a single page website takes the user to a different social media platform or website. The whole show took about two minutes, which shows how easy it is to use Some of the websites he used to create are, and

Webflow is the second website creator Max showed us. In his words, it’s “like Carrd on steroids.” It’s good for SEO and Google SERP overall and has better design functionality. Webflow can also handle better animation than The website even offers a course on how to use the manufacturer. Any entrepreneur can use the “University” link on the website to learn how to use the manufacturer. Max says that “you basically become an intermediate web developer after only two weeks of learning, where you can even open your own web development firm”, which is an impressive feat. Webflow is extremely affordable.

Web app and mobile app developer

Glide is the first web app and mobile app developer to provide a no-code solution for entrepreneurs. Glide is like the version of an app developer and it has a great free tier 7 It’s a great platform for creating data focus prototypes and the average user can learn it in a day. One glide error is that the finished product cannot be stored in the App Stores, but you can send it to people directly or via a QR code. Overall it is a super helpful tool for creating apps without code. Max’s own example of an app using Glide is his new project called Stay Safe Queen.

Adalo who describes Max as the “wicks” of app developers. It’s made for most mobile apps, not a web app, and the free layer isn’t as wide as Glide. Although it is easy to use and app store connections work for this program, which is definitely the opposite. The form provided by this manufacturer is great and it takes the average person 3-4 days to learn.

Thunkball is an example of a creator where there is more to learn. It has its own logic and it is for mobile apps. It may take up to 1 week for the developer to learn how to use the program.

Bubbles are like Thunkable in terms of being more complex, but Bubble takes the cake in this state. It’s becoming more and more popular because of how widely they advertise, but the bubble can be hard to learn. This is similar to programming itself, which makes it easier for real programmers to use. However, it is very powerful: 99.5% of the ideas can be created using bubble according to Max. Bubble also has great resources for cloning any app you can imagine, like Instagram.

Zapier is the top tier of no-code building and the last program that provides some no-code solutions for entrepreneurs. It integrates apps with other apps and is used to create automation that some software is unable to do independently. For example, if your app needs to send an email to a user, you can associate your app with Gmail if the program you are using cannot send email locally. With Zapier, you will not be left behind by any limitations. This helps to create functional connections and seal the top layer when creating apps without code.

Additional no-code tools and payment tools

When it comes to additional tools, or ways to simplify processes in the long run, Max offers visitors a gold mine of no-code solutions for entrepreneurs. Printful was the first and it is a tool for printing custom items like T-shirts and hats. She uses printfuls to make t-shirts for her business. He gets a rough $ 5 cut from this tool. It can be added to websites to increase efficiency.

Gumroad is a payment tool and is perfect if you have 1-2 things to sell It has a payment portal for ecommerce website. Tools like Stripe or PayPal are also very powerful, especially for a well-sold focused project, and both have good payment infrastructure.

Aside from the payment tools, there are plenty of resources to help you create apps without code. Beyta is a simple platform built using the Max No-Code tool, which contains templates for creating apps. Max described Airtable as “Google Sheets on Steroids”, it helps create reports and has a great database.

Coda is a workspace tool that you can use to create shortcuts for yourself while creating your app. You don’t always have to go back and remember the whole process of rebuilding, you can use Coda to keep track of your commonly used processes while working through a no-code solution for entrepreneurs.

WebScraper is a tool for creating apps without code that can be used to block information from websites. Clockist can turn a Google Doc into a website. And finally, Hunter is a plugin that can be used to find the contacts or emails of any important person on a website. A simple comparison would be how the popular plugin Hani finds coupons, Hunter finds contact information that will be useful to you.

Tips for No-Code Solutions for Entrepreneurs

App Stores are saturated and hard to find, so having access to your app store in the App Store is not necessarily a big advantage. App Store is not a marketing strategy, you need to create a marketing strategy.

When it comes to no-code versus code base building, Max believes no-code is a superior option. “If you can do it with no-code, do it.” Creating apps with code can take a long time, and creating code from the ground up can be difficult. Scale is not a problem, you can create any app without touching the code. You can add code to no-code apps if needed, so these tools don’t bother you about that.

Max Mirho has provided our young entrepreneurs with advice, lots of resources and some new abilities so that they can further improve their skills to travel in the real world. You don’t want to miss our next Venture U seminar! Click here to sign up today!

Founder: Here are 4 tips to make your startup a more marketable asset from day one

Founder: Here are 4 tips to make your startup a more marketable asset from day one

Your company is young, and you are working hard to grow it. So, it may seem too early to think about the day you will sell. But the truth is, every founder should set their startup as an attractive integration or acquisition goal from scratch. These four tips will not only help you when it comes time to sell – they will make your business stronger Now.

1. Use what is special and unique about your startup

Founders should think about what sets their company apart from others. Durable Key words, because your business must address long-term market challenges and be able to maintain its distinction against competitors over time in order to be successful and ultimately get a favorable M&A.

Does your company differ based on special skills, intellectual property, or core partnerships? Many founders tend to ignore their most important market differences, which means they don’t focus enough on what a potential acquirer will value most in their business.

Consider the following example: A founder started a software company to provide an ERP system for a small vertical small business. The founder owned and operated one of these small businesses before moving to a technology vendor. Although there was already a competitive solution, the founder launched the company. But the business was successful because the founder’s significant industry experience distinguished it by how much industrial knowledge and best practice workflow solutions were created.

Understand your company’s “secret sauce,” which is the only ingredient that sets it apart from its competitors.

2. Build relationships with key industry players (they may one day buy your company)

Strategic relationships with the big players in an industry can often take time to be discussed. This is because many have a Byzantine partnership approval process that involves lengthy review by law and consent.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to form partnerships with the top players in your industry whenever you can. Such partnerships now not only have the potential to increase a company’s revenue, but also expand the pool of potential future acquirers.

3. Have your finances audited

You are wondering why a small company should have a financial audit. First of all, it is better to do the right thing from the beginning than to correct the mistake.

Your financial audit of accountants also helps to avoid problems that could derail the acquisition down the road. The most common problem in the unaudited financial sector is that liabilities such as revenue recognition errors or sales tax are not properly credited.

For example, a SaaS company has had to change its entire financial history because it has never been audited and has been incorrectly acknowledging revenue for years. Unfortunately, this issue was brought to the attention of the company in the middle of an M&A process by a potential acquirer, who eventually decided to acquire a different company.

Instead of discussing whether you have properly identified revenue, talk to a large company interested in buying your business strategically. The money spent on getting your number in the first place will be one of the best investments you can make.

Also, be aware that one item that most accounting firms do not address is the correct representation of finances. Talk to a banker about the industry standard format suitable for your sector so that investors or acquirers can easily compare your audited finances with other companies in the industry.

4. Seek advice from trusted advisers

It is important to have a long-term relationship with trusted advisors who can provide advice and help you navigate key decisions as your company grows. These types of advisors can be most valuable when they are part of your company’s journey from the beginning.

Investment bankers often come into a relationship too late, leaving very little time to make the desired changes before an M&A transaction. It is a common misconception that a company must be prepared to sell before engaging in dialogue with investment bankers for advice. There is no need to sign an engagement letter before negotiating with an investment banking partner Most investment bankers are receptive to establishing an informal relationship that can potentially pay off for both parties down the road.

Sales of your company may seem like a distant prospect right now, time flies when it is built for a successful business growth. Following these tips now can lead your company to an easier, more convenient exit when it comes time to finally sell.

About contributionsr:

Stephen Day’s co-founder and managing director ChristmasAn investment-banking firm focuses on raising capital for M&A and SaaS, e-commerce, IT services and technology-enabled companies.

Startup Mindset

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Omnichannel Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Omnichannel Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business


The goal of Omnichannel marketing is to create a seamless shopping experience from the first touch to the end, no matter which channels your customers are using. This puts the customer at the center of the marketing structure. Your brand message adapts to your customer’s needs and at every interaction point they decide to engage with that channel. Omnichannel marketing provides a higher purchase rate than a single. Your customers will probably spend more on public campaigns and your existing customers will be more loyal to your brand.

While maintaining an excellent presence across different platforms and working together to give each customer a seamless experience may seem complicated, the right omnichannel marketing tool can help you manage all your omnichannel marketing activities across all platforms. Discussed below are all-channel marketing tips for growing your business.

1. Ensure consistent messaging across all channels

Adjusting tone and content allows your audience to become accustomed to your brand voice and create an assurance they can count on. Aligning your language and communication across channels ensures that your messaging is not conflicting. Train your marketing, customer support and sales staff to personalize content at each customer’s lifecycle stage to ensure consistent messaging.

Since acquaintances give birth to trust, it is important to provide a consistent experience across all interaction points. Consider such an investment as an omnichannel messaging platform Syniverse CPaaS Doors Connect with your business customers in a simple, meaningful way. You can customize the platform to suit your budget, unique needs, capabilities, marketing strategy and customer needs.

2. Take advantage of purchasing materials

Purchases It’s a great universal marketing concept that allows customers to add items directly to their cart or visit a product page. Unlike traditional content, this type of content includes product tags. It is a powerful business strategy that makes it easy to find and purchase products As most consumers search for products on social media and other platforms, shopping content is an essential marketing strategy you can’t miss.

Because it enables multiple related sales, lets you easily measure conversions, does not interfere with the reading or viewing experience, shortens the customer’s journey and speeds up product discovery. The ideal choice of purchasing material will depend on your sales channel and potential product discovery choices. You can use customizable Instagram posts, Pinterest PINs, videos, articles and video ads to attract customers.

3. Provide a consistent customer experience

Omnichannel marketing lets you set up a consistency Customer experience On all channels. Considering that customers can interact with your business through any touchpoint, including online shopping, picking up items for retail stores or sending products to their address, it can be difficult to create that experience alone.

Customers will interact with various departments of your company, including online customer care and offline salesperson. That’s why it’s important to train all of your business departments to work together to deliver exceptional, consistent offers. Customer service To customers, customer lifetime value increases and consequently customer loyalty and retention.

4. Ensure continuity of communication

Ensuring continuity of communication across all channels helps to guide consumers across the buyer’s journey. Assuming a customer adds an item to their shopping cart and forgets to complete the transaction, you can remind them to do so via personalized email, remarketing message and push notification.

A disconnection can result in a conversion loss because your customer may not remember Abandoned cart. You may also want to consider open, regular communication to build stronger customer loyalty and repeat clients.

5. Use the right tools

Yours Universal strategy Experience between the physical and digital worlds should be combined to ensure this uninterrupted. Managing public marketing data and campaigns can be challenging. However, investing in the right tools makes the process easier to ensure you stay on top of each channel and campaign.

Consider using tools that offer live support, such as chatbots, live chats, voice and video calls. Other tools to consider are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Operations Management, Social Media Management, Helpdesk Support and Ad Combinator. Consider functionality, integration, user experience, system maintenance and cost when selecting the omnichannel tool.

6. Invest in a retargeting campaign

Retargeting An essential tool that your marketers can use to connect with customers, improve sales and increase customer loyalty. Retargeting campaigns are meant to remind visitors of your site about your products or services after they have left without purchasing. This allows you to show them relevant text or visual ads whenever they visit other websites. You can do retargeting campaigns with Facebook retargeting, Google ads, LinkedIn ads and other platforms.

A retargeting campaign helps you build brand visibility, enabling you to reach users who are already interested in your product or service. Retargeting campaigns are ideal for websites that get at least 100 monthly visitors, push your bestsellers, launch new products or services, create brand awareness and move inventory.

7. Personalize your recommendation

As customers interact with your brand through one or more of your Omni channels, you can monitor their browsing or purchasing behavior and create a unique fingerprint for each customer. This will allow you to offer them a personalized experience the next time you interact with your brand.

Considering that you have data about your customers’ preferences, Cross-selling Recommending products or services that are more complementary or related may increase sales. Consider adding links and pictures of products that other consumers typically shop together at checkout.

8. Give priority to mobile

Since a lot of shoppers use mobile devices for shopping, loading your website should not be too slow as they may abandon it, increasing the bounce rate. Optimize your website for mobile by creating a well-designed, responsive site that lets your customers see your content, no matter what device they’re using. Speed ​​up your websiteEnsure easy navigation and make CTA, Forms and other important buttons easily visible.

9. Track and measure your results

KPIs and other marketing metrics enable you to monitor and evaluate the impact of your all-channel marketing efforts. It helps you determine what you are doing right and what is not working to make the necessary adjustments. Setting your omnichannel marketing goals ensures that you stay on track and makes tracking and measurement of results easier.

Last note

Omnichannel marketing lets you stay competitive and relevant in a crowded market. High competition means you need to find effective strategies and techniques and connect with your customers. Use all these channel marketing tips to increase your sales.

The competitive spirit is awakened Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship

The competitive spirit is awakened Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship

In the past, I’ve always heard of business competition. However, they never seemed to be achievable. I always imagined Shark Tank and Mr. Wonderful tearing apart someone’s idea based on their seemingly small lift pitch. This mentality stuck with me until the new year of high school when I had the opportunity to participate and compete in the Adolescent Entrepreneur Academy and Business Plan competition. This has changed everything. I learned to love the competition, the challenges and the pressure of giving an idea to a panel of judges. Fast forward to last year when my business partner and I had the opportunity to compete in the Wolverine Venture Battle with our company’s idea Resense. We came up with the idea of ​​recession through the Lean Launchpad class offered at Grove City College and by the end of the semester we were able to have a great run in the competition and raise more than $ 6000 at home.

We’ve decided to take Resence further than the Wolverine Venture Battle and launch it as a business. So, this year, we are a part of Venture Lab but we decided to take our chances with more business competition. You will be amazed at the number of different business competitions there. Recently, we applied in 3 different national competitions and are going through different rounds! It has been a very interesting journey and there are many things I have learned and will stay away from this experience forever. Being the most important takeaway, no idea is too small. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tend to underestimate the impact of a concept and by entering this competition I realized how unique and useful Resense can and will be.

They ask lots of different questions as they enter the competition, forcing you to think about every aspect of your company. It’s something we were prepared for, but it certainly tested our level of knowledge and comfort. We need to do research, ask questions from our consultants and really get to know our company. Although sometimes it was stressful, we were finally able to greatly improve our company and gain knowledge by learning that can only be found outside the classroom. So, the application process was a bit tedious and frustrating but we did it and we are still doing it. Each competition has its own application process with different requirements and so each had an initiative to apply. However, pay it off! We’ve been able to get ahead in the Poets & Quants Big Idea Bounce and rise to the top 12 out of 167 companies. Although we didn’t make it to the top 3 finals, it was an amazing experience and success as far as we considered the truly impressive and innovative ideas. It has given us so much confidence to continue in this competition. We are convinced that Resense and The Memory Box is a good idea and there is a great need for our products in the market Currently, we are also ahead in the TCU Value and Venture competition and are looking forward to hearing more.

So, if you are ever interested in participating in a business competition, I have 2 words for you: Do it! The experience, knowledge and feedback you get as you go through the process is invaluable. Even if you do not win in the end, you will find your name there, market your product, and have a very useful experience in creating an idea… I know for sure that I will be grateful for my future!

How startups can influence the junction of control and

How startups can influence the junction of control and

In many ways, Facebook is the pioneer of modern startup policy: “Go fast and break things down,” a mantra that has defined many entrepreneurial ambitions for nearly two decades.

When applied to coding and creative endeavors, this concept can produce compelling results. But there are limits. As Theranos trial As illustrated, sometimes oversight is required and it is especially true that the sectors need our innovation the most. Regulations govern a significant portion of the U.S. economy because everything from transportation and hospitality to healthcare and energy is protected by established supervision standards.

In the future, companies that offer the potential to truly change our standard of living need to operate in controlled areas. Many of them will also give the biggest financial return. These industries offer huge opportunities, but they need sophistication not only in sales or engineering, but also in dealing with administrative conditions. Often, rRegulators, like entrepreneurs, want to support healthy and profitable innovation. But you have to show them how to do it. This is a major challenge for entrepreneurs to move forward.

Huge opportunities await entrepreneurs who can find the best way to communicate with regulators and advance innovation while working in a supervised environment.

Regulatory effect

Regulatory oversight exists to promote fairness and security.

This is critical in many industries. We don’t want to live in buildings that aren’t built for the code, we don’t want to share a road with unlicensed drivers, or we want to invest in companies that have no consequences for lying in the market. The financial sector, for example, has a long history of inequality and the government has a responsibility to promote fairness and equity in this crisis.

At the same time, regulation can prevent growth, moving much faster than fast moving industries and innovations. Yesterday’s regulations do not always support today’s reality. This is especially true today because climate change requires extensive changes in existing energy infrastructure, including source diversification and distribution methods.

As entrepreneurs build new business models within the boundaries of a tightly regulated industry, they need to work hand-in-hand with regulators to make new opportunities available and accessible.

It symbolizes the opportunity for entrepreneurs to influence policy direction. While some will take on this responsibility with greed, trying to change existing values ​​to benefit the bottom line of their business, others will follow a broader argument – primarily it is good for many people – when speaking out for change.

Influencing the junction of control and innovation

Startups are in a unique position to influence policy decisions because they are doing something new They will be hit by all the obstacles that come in their way by accident or inadvertently.

As regulatory barriers represent the cost of an opportunity, entrepreneurs are encouraged to support progressive regulatory policies that allow more people to improve. To achieve the best results when speaking out for change, startups and entrepreneurs should:

  • See local first. Federal policy is important, but local standards are often more accessible and changeable. Evaluate your target market, and identify regulatory values ​​that hinder growth and harm people.
  • Know your audience. Identify people who will listen to support your point of view. Build relationships with local leaders and use those interactions to better understand people’s needs and possible solutions.
  • Display effects. Interest policies will not change, but many leaders are willing to listen to changes that improve people’s lives. Many startups are developing critical sectors that change the way people work, play, and enjoy their lives, so updating regulatory standards is often a win-win for everyone.

Startups have the power to influence the intersection of control and innovation. Embracing the best practices will make their efforts more effective, helping to create the best products, services and opportunities for their community.

Don’t shy away from change

Many startups do not require regulatory action, but many entrepreneurs avoid areas that may require regulatory change, assuming that this does not happen. In reality, regulatory standards are constantly evolving, and startups can uniquely influence the laws that often define their success.

In short, as Fintech prepares to launch healthcare, climate, and other timely startups, its focus should be on policy development, ensuring that they are ready to support the best regulatory standards that help most people.

Author Bio:

CEO of Michael Sachs Dandelion power. As the country’s leading home geothermal company, Dandelion Energy aims to mitigate climate change by making renewable technologies more accessible and decarbonizing homes. Today, Dandelion’s hot and cool solutions for the 21st century allow homeowners to save up to 50 percent of their heating and cooling bills and help the environment move away from conventional systems to reduce home carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent.

Prior to joining Dandelion, Sass was an entrepreneur at the residence of New Enterprise Associates, a position that allowed him to create growth opportunities in the startup space. A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School, Sachs has held multiple leadership positions across various organizations where he has facilitated his tenure and operational maturity.

Sachse sees the practice of sustainable living and environmental responsibility as the foundation of our future and the result of our collective good. Shas’s multifaceted background, including working in legal, nonprofit, government, and corporate environments, speaks volumes about his efforts to advocate for local rules and regulations that promote a greener, more sustainable future.

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How the temperature in the city of San Diego can change rapidly by 15º

How the temperature in the city of San Diego can change rapidly by 15º


City environments can often experience volatile temperature changes and unpredictable weather conditions, especially as the effects of man-made climate change intensify. Even cities with relatively temperate, pleasant climates are subject to more volatile temperatures and weather patterns.

Some of the cities experiencing this turbulent change have historically had the most pleasant weather. San Diego is an example; It is known for its Mediterranean climate. San Diego experiences sunny, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Despite San Diego’s attractive climate, it often experiences rapid temperature changes and many locals do not understand why. City temperatures can vary up to 15º. Let’s explore San Diego’s climate and why there are so many temperature fluctuations within its city limits.

Introduction to Climatological Forces Driving Weather in San Diego

Temperatures in San Diego range from about 57ºF in January to 77ºF in August. Most people who want to avoid cold winters and hot summers find these temperatures quite pleasant. In addition, winter snowfall in San Diego is quite rare and usually occurs only internally.

Adequate cloud cover, especially in the morning, is normal in San Diego and is often seen off the coast. These sea level clouds, usually between May and August, drop in temperature, often combined with the cool ocean air that keeps San Diegan cool during the summer months. In early summer these clouds can be so heavy and wide that the city will be cloudy or cloudy during the day.

The Devil Winds And rapid temperature changes in the city

One of the primary reasons for the rapid and dramatic change in temperature within the San Diego city limits is the effect of Santa Ana winds. Also often referred to as Devil WindsThese low-lying winds are inwardly formed and flow across coastal cities and Southern California.

This wind brings hot, dry weather to San Diego, especially in autumn. Many visitors to the city are surprised to see that temperatures could rise significantly in October. October is known as the month of fire in San Diego, and the magnitude of the fire is one Growing anxiety For international organizations, including the United Nations.

Dry Santa Ana winds, low rainfall and difficult to predict heatstroke create the lowest relative humidity of the year in San Diego. They consist of a mass of compression-heated air that moves into the city at very high speeds, causing dramatic, rapid temperature changes and their Adverse effects On productivity and health.

The role of temperature mapping in tracking temperature

Temperature monitoring is crucial in cities like San Diego that experience rapid temperature changes. Tracking variable weather conditions allows San Diegan to respond to natural disasters, including fires, and respond quickly. It could also provide climatologists with a critical touchpoint to measure some of the effects of climate change on the San Diego regional climate system.

Temperature monitoring allows scientists and local governments to engage in temperature mapping efforts that provide insights into temperature differences between regions. This is especially important in the case of San Diego because temperatures within the city limits often vary significantly from those outside the city.

According to Dixon data, Temperature mapping refers to a subtle process of 3D mapping the temperature of a particular area or place. There are many applications of temperature mapping outside of climate data collection. It plays an essential role in some of our most important industries.

Specifically, businesses use temperature mapping techniques to measure and record the temperature of different areas within a temperature-controlled storage facility; These storage containers are part of the supply chain that transports temperature-sensitive products to consumers. Safety regulations require that certain foods and beverages and pharmaceutical products be stored at a certain temperature so that they do not expire or expire. Temperature mapping is one way to accomplish this.

Temperature mapping and climate change

The urgency and importance of environmental temperature mapping for the effects of climate change has accelerated. First and foremost, temperature mapping gives us more insight into the effects of climate change in special risk areas such as San Diego.

Scientists have used various temperature mapping techniques and other techniques to measure the melting of glaciers to establish the scientific basis for climate change. This information Saved And has been analyzed using various powerful new tools.

City governments use temperature mapping to learn about the effects of urban heat islands and plan to keep their cities cool. Urban heat island refers to an increase in temperature in a metropolitan area caused by unnatural factors such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

The cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco all create urban heat islands, which the California state government is tracking using temperature mapping technology. Despite San Diego Adequate water reservesThis urban heat island represents a significant challenge for the city.

Using the temperature mapping model, government officials can identify hot spots in San Diego that pose a threat to the environment or residents. The government can then take steps to cool those areas and create environmental protection initiatives. Temperature mapping is especially important in San Diego because microclimates within the city can vary significantly with weather and temperature.

After identifying specific hot spots in the city, city planners can take steps to create parks, plant trees, create green roofs, and update building materials used in the area. Green roofs are basically roof gardens designed to cool certain areas of the city. In addition, many building materials such as concrete and asphalt can accelerate heating and using alternative building materials is another way of cooling.

In short

Fantastic climate is probably the main attraction for those who like to live or go to San Diego. It is beautiful and unique but habitat of rapidly changing weather patterns is becoming more volatile due to climate change. Through commonsense temperature mapping and cooling efforts, urban planners can find ways to address the effects of climate change and other environmental forces to benefit city dwellers and the surrounding environment.

Research Benefits | Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship +

Research Benefits | Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship +

My mother used to tell me as a child that if I saw any need, I would have to meet that need. This is our main goal as entrepreneurs. We look at the requirements and meet them, however, any entrepreneur knows that research is the key to the process and validity of the next million-dollar idea discovery. As Albert Szent-Gyorgyi once said, “Research is about seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking about what others think.” As I reflect that quote, I think it’s quite powerful and innovative. It contains the essence of entrepreneurship. We look at the world and think of things that no one else thinks of and that could be the solution to a big problem in a thinking culture or society.

Personally, I like the research process. It’s exciting to have an idea and find a way to turn that idea into reality, it’s like a game. We had to do this in depth with our new company Resense targeting neurodegenerative disease through our main product memory box. We had this wild idea to benefit people with dementia when creating memory boxes. So, we started the research process. We are now beginning to see what treatments are available, what therapies have proven to be, and what medications are beneficial. Everyone else is trying to figure out what that one thought is [idea] That’s what no one else thinks.

My favorite part of the research process was interviewing professionals in the field. These included psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, caregivers and dementia counselors. Although quite difficult, this process has proven to be convenient for Resense and navigation of memory boxes. I’m a very sophisticated person in college, with no qualifications… just a very driven and curious person. Networking has always been fun for me, however, I found it difficult to find contacts in my circle who I am one of the professionals listed above. So, I went to social media, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. I told my story and requested a 15-30 minute interview with anyone who would give me a chance. Looking back, I’ve been able to count and I’ve sent over 300 LinkedIn invitations to connect and post my story on more than 20 Facebook groups of caregivers and caregivers living in dementia. I took a chance and paid tenfold. I soon realized something that I will never forget: if someone is interested or enthusiastic about something, they will tell you everything about it, think about it and help you with your needs. These interviews were informative and as soon as I did them I felt like I was drinking from a firehouse. When I interviewed psychiatrists and psychologists I learned everything about the scientific, psychological aspects of the disease, medicine, and current care practices and felt like I was getting a crash course on anything related to dementia.

I went through the research process with the goal of learning everything about Alzheimer’s and dementia. I wanted to understand it inside and out and I was able to do it. It has been helpful, but surprisingly, neither psychologists nor PhDs have taught me the most. I learned the most from caring and caring counselors. Think of them as front row workers, they see everything that goes on every day, while some psychologists can see residents or individuals once a week. I have told countless personal stories of loved ones who have become the primary caregivers of their parents. I learned about their daily lives, schedules, and activities. These stories were so special but sad. It was sad to see this disease take away these precious memories from these people. That’s when we realized that our product is more than just a tool to increase memory recall. It was a tool to help people with dementia discover long-term memories, as well as allow new opportunities for family members and loved ones to create new memories. The disease is one that currently has no cure, but we can help ensure that these people are as comfortable as they can progress the disease.

At the end of the process, we finally got that “thought” that no one else had. We have learned that there is a parallel relationship between senses and memory loss. So we created the memory box. It is a well-collected collection of various products targeting each sense as a whole, which enhances brain health and reveals long-term memories. We designed it to act as a transient tool between home and care or to serve as a “conversation / activity box” for all residents during activity sessions. The memory box provides endless opportunities to engage residents and their loved ones in a meaningful way that was our main goal and has become our goal: to bring comfort and joy to those living in dementia.

So, I intended this article to encourage people to do research on anything and everything. I know how scary and frustrating it can be. When I wrote this, I didn’t realize how important research was for our company: without it, we would never have created a memory box. Without research, we would never have known how the senses affect memory, or how much more effective activity of daily life is for caregivers than patients or loved ones. Research has created Resense. We went through the process with a goal in mind and went beyond learning something we never thought or expected. I hope if you read this and have an idea in the back of your head that you think could be the next million dollar idea, You go for it… but research first. You never know what you might learn!

DIY way to connect with video with little or no budget

DIY way to connect with video with little or no budget

To engage with the audience, digital media and video storytelling skills are required. Sharing your story and engaging with your target audience is essential. Successful companies are in a position to reach out to their potential customers through video. If you want to make a significant impact, you need to understand why video marketing is important to your organization. You know how Make and record good videos And how customers will connect with them on different platforms. Videos share your brand and let the public know what you do You will be educated and connected to your community through your stories, increasing customer loyalty.

Creating videos without expensive camera setups, software packages, and a digital marketing company can seem daunting. But you can do it. Here are some great ways to connect with your audience through video and digital media with little or no budget.

Items you need to get started

To get started you need a few items, all of which can be purchased online.

SmartphoneThis will be your biggest expense if you don’t already own one. If you do not have a smartphone, you can use a camera or a mountable video camera installed on your computer, which usually sells for less than 100.

Ring lightsIf you do not have natural light when shooting all your videos, there are several options online for better lighting. A round ring light can be purchased for less than $ 15.

Bluetooth shutter controlThis device allows you to remotely control the photo and video functions of your smartphone. Shutter control is available online for less than 20.

TripodYou need a tripod to keep the camera still during filming. You can buy a tripod for less than 30.

Free tools available to everyone

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

This innovative software is free, and differs from some video platform software in that it contains free searchable stock photos and music that can be combined into videos that can be shared. Use stock photos to your financial advantage when creating videos for your website, email campaigns, Etsy store and other digital marketing.

Expert advice:

Use free content pictures and music. It is distinguished by genres and influences. The templates in the video software are designed to help you reach your goals. For example, your goal is to raise funds and awareness for your nonprofit; There is a section for this. You can download it to your desktop or phone and upload your finished project to any social media platform, email or website. It’s that easy!


From creating social media to website templates and video overlays, this app has a lot of free resources for all of us DIY’er. It’s easy to use on a smartphone or computer, free and downloadable. With Canvas, you can create thumbnails for your YouTube video content, add text and images to your videos, allowing you to create incredible amounts of digital marketing content.

Expert advice:

The free version has a lot of content. However, an additional free add-on app is available for creating Instagram stories and videos.

Tick ​​tock

I recommend using TickTock, one of the largest streaming and video platforms. The popularity of TikTok’s video platform is why Instagram and Facebook have added Reels and Facebook Live to their platform. It has free music integration, effects and can be shared on almost all social media platforms worldwide.

Expert advice:

Upload or start your video and watch the process and when it reaches the final screen, click the hashtag area. Tiktok will automatically show you the best hashtags to increase engagement that day.


Instagram Reel: Instagram is expanding its game with reels to compete with tick. Recently, a new option has been created for brand sharing with creators.

Expert advice:

You can access more video functions and expand your toolbox by signing up for a manufacturer account instead of a basic business account. Both are free, but the Creator account allows for long video and live options as well as integration with shopping via Facebook.


Of course, I have to mention YouTube. This is the most prominent DIY freebie out there. One of the great gifts of this free platform is the ability to create video courses, syllabi and webinars (both live and recorded). After setting up a free account and channel, you can record directly from your phone or laptop. YouTube will automatically scan for errors, prepare your video for you, and provide a shareable link and embedding code.

Expert advice:

If you really want to get into the edit nuts and bolts of YouTube, use a free program called Lightworks. It can be used on YouTube or separately as an add-on, depending on your DIY video editing skills.

How to shoot a video

Setting up a video is as easy as going live on your smartphone. However, most companies will set a schedule to go live with their social media videos. Depending on how often you want to share, a new idea can be created for weekly or daily delivery.

Suggestions for video content are …

  • Being an expert in your case.
  • Educating the customer.
  • A day in the life of an employee.
  • A tour of the office.
  • Your staff is out and about.
  • Something that creates a sense of community.

Extra free for student entrepreneurs

GitHub offers a free one-year subscription that includes the full version of Canvas and a variety of other tools. It’s worth checking out their website and seeing what’s available to you with your student ID. Most of these links can be found on your university or college website.

Shooting is easy and inexpensive to start with video. Hold your smartphone, tripod, Use Bluetooth shutter control, natural light or a ring light and start shooting! Remember, you are an expert in your business. You can create informative and useful webinars that will grab the attention of others and make meaningful connections with your customers.

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Meredith Kiljan

Meredith Kiljan is a writer and creative consultant for small businesses and focuses on quality management, business streamlining and social media integration. After years of teaching at the collegiate level, he used his skills and passion to put theory into practice. She currently lives in Arizona and has a passion for interior design, creative content design and helping others reach their goals in life.

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