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Crispy Cream has become a donut behemoth in the United States. The formula was simple: scarce supplies, high short-term taste satisfaction, and the price of a dozen is about four.

As a result, most people buy a dozen. But a few can eat a dozen, and you really can’t save them, so you realize there was a way to share a warm donut.

Carmine’s restaurant in New York has been a hot ticket for decades. One reason was that the only way to get a reservation was to come with five other people. So you need to talk about it.

I learned to share Carbon Almanac Sending those two is much more useful and rewarding than sending one. Because when one gets two, they immediately decide to share the other. Organized around ‘Share’ is a choice.

We’re creating a Wall of Fame on our website to celebrate the companies that care enough about our future to share when copies of Almanac come out. Small companies can easily find a good use for five or ten copies and we’ve made it easy and affordable to pre-order. The form is signed up here. All participants have the opportunity to make a link to their site and make an impact in the world.

Please share with someone who trusts you.

Also! We invite you to join our worldwide team of volunteers as we prepare to launch Almanac in June. Our launch team is forming now, and it’s a chance to be part of something and make a difference. See this page for details. Thanks.

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