The top UK law people are guilty of breaking


Breaking the law anywhere is a terrible thing, yet many may care little whether they themselves have broken a law. The Strange laws in the UK Perhaps many laws include those who are guilty of breaking them without realizing it. Let’s take a look at some of these laws:

Street carpet cleaning

From cleaning carpets to dusting car mats, shaking them will make people break the law.

A quick clear in terms of what can be considered harmful will be a problem.

According to section 60 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, it is unlawful to beat or shake any carpet, mat or rug other than a doormat before 8am. So people should think twice before doing such a thing.

Knock down ginger

A popular game for teenagers Those who find it funny, are actually a big nuisance to the local neighbors.

54, Part 16 of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 states that ‘any person offends against any person by ringing a doorbell to knock at a door.

Sliding on icy roads

This one is a no-brainer; Everyone knows that taking part in such activities is dangerous but sometimes the thrill of being able to do something adventurous is too much to resist. This is another weird UK law that is illegal.

The Metropolitan Police Act of 1839, section 54, addressed it as not only very dangerous, but also highly mischievous and likely to disturb local residents.

Moving wood along a sidewalk

It was brought about in medieval times due to the threat it posed as it was a common means of accidents. Cars would have been overloaded, which meant less stability and a greater chance of things falling over and injuring pedestrians.

This led to the promulgation of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, section 54 “A wooden plank should not be carried along the pavement. It can only be moved when it is unloaded from a vehicle or taken into a building.”

Getting drunk on licensed premises

This may be considered a strange law because you would assume that a place where you can drink alcohol would not lead you to break the law. However, it is still legal to drink on licensed premises, as long as someone is visibly drunk.

According to section 12 of the Licensing Act, 1872, “Every person caught while intoxicated on any motorway or other public place, whether or not in a building, or in any licensed premises.” guilty of a crime.

Later, the Act was amended in the Licensing Amendment Act 1988 to extend the ban to public places such as clubs and pubs.

Dry your clothes on the street

Although it is unlikely that most people would do this, as part of UK law, it is stated in the Town Police Clause Act 1847 that it is unlawful for anyone to hang clothes in the street. Offenders can face prosecution and fines of up to £1000.


While some laws may seem strange and absurd, it’s shocking how many people are guilty of breaking them every day without even realizing it. It is important for people to be aware of these laws so that they do not find themselves in a situation where they are committing a crime without realizing it.

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