Travel? Here’s how to manage your business from the middle of nowhere

No matter what type of work you do, technology makes it possible to work even remotely. If you are camping in the desert but are always stuck because you need Wi-Fi to run your business, now the problem is solved, thanks to a handful of businesses that offer Wi-Fi anywhere, anytime. Now you can work on the beach or at the pontoon — and not have to prepare the team for unnecessary time away from the office.

Of course, you want to enjoy your journey, but when it comes to business emergencies, it’s important to be accessible. Thanks to companies like Starlink and Boingo, it’s still possible to feel completely free while making money. If you are dreaming There is a business that you can run from anywhereEven on top of a hill, it is now possible to do so.

Who benefits from Wi-Fi at any time?

In the last few years, a growing number of people have gotten a taste of what it feels like to work from a distance. Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, allowing travel, those who have the freedom in their professional life want to move away.

For the fearless traveler, this is truly a gift from the gods of technology. Even if you are an online tutor or have a zoom meeting to manage, Wi-Fi accessibility and speed are necessary to make this kind of work possible. The type of work you do is not a big deal but the kind of lifestyle you want. Some people call their expensive fares and mortgages “signers” to enjoy extensive road trips.

But they are still able to make phone calls, answer emails and work without interruption. How is this possible? The answer is: they use a Wi-Fi provider that offers Wi-Fi anywhere, anytime. This is a great option for those who travel extensively. (Pro Tip: You can do a lot on long flights!)


Boingo ার Offers a simplified Wi-Fi connection with a minimum monthly fee In some places, if you have the correct MasterCard, you can get it for free. You can connect to this type of Wi-Fi during the flight, which enables you to access unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi. There are over a million hotspots worldwide and you can connect up to four devices.

If you only travel for a short time, you can purchase a subscription and cancel whenever you need. When planning a trip, be sure to check their website to make sure they provide services in the area you are planning to travel to.


Starlink Highly expected by business owners, programmers and other remote employees. This is a great option for those who are in an area where the connection is unreliable or unavailable

Starlink, the only provider of a SpaceX product, an orbital-class, reusable rocket. This enables them to offer a highly advanced broadband internet system.

To mitigate debris in orbit, Starlink will deorbit its satellites when they are no longer running, ensuring that this interstellar option is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Compare Boingo and Starlink

When deciding which Wi-Fi provider to choose, first of all what are you using it for.

Boingo’s price is much lower, but it does not offer coverage in many rural areas. If you want to be isolated from society and go to the mountains or the jungle, Starlink will take you there.

Starlink can be accessed from almost anywhere, but it costs more. If you plan to go out on a “stick” for the long haul, you may find it worth it. First, you need to buy hardware with a small satellite. After that initial up-front cost, you only need to spend $ 140 per month to enjoy the benefits of Starlink.

Boingo, however, if you are going on a short-term vacation if you do not go too far from the deadly route, or if you fly often for business. Their Wi-Fi is widespread in most metropolitan areas, so if you travel to or from major cities, this option may be useful. Sometimes, an airline may include Boingo’s services as part of a travel package.


If you’ve always dreamed of taking a summer vacation for a final road trip, or staying in a cabin by the lake, the only thing holding you back is the lack of Wi-Fi access, which is now possible due to technological advances. If you need to work remotely, you’ll still be able to manage online meetings, receive phone calls, communicate with your team, and more, using the Internet available anytime and anywhere.

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